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my blog is carbon neutral

German based company kaufDA contacted me recently to let me know about their initiative “Make It Green,” which aims to raise awareness about the severe environmental damages caused by carbon dioxide emissions. While there are many factors contributing to these emissions, did you know that a blog with 15,000 visits a month alone has a yearly carbon dioxide emission of 3.6 kg? I don’t know how significant that amount is, but still.

With the Make It Green initiative, I can neutralize the CO2 emission of my blog by showing I care about the environment thru the “My Blog is Carbon Neutral” button you will find on the sidebar. kaufDA, in turn, will be planting a tree in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California on behalf of FRESH MESS. I hope to be able to stand under this tree someday, when it’s tall and mighty!

In a simple equation, one blog = one tree. So the more participating blogs, the more trees will be planted! And since a tree lives for an average of 50 years, carbon dioxide emissions of my blog can be completely neutralised for this time period. How cool is that?

If you want your blog to participate or to learn more about this project, just click here.


postcards from home

So I went home and checked my mailbox, hoping to find in there a parcel notice from the postal office. Instead, I got these two postcards from my nieces in the Philippines which they got from when they were on Corregidor Island.

With the way the world and the way we communicate are changing, postcards are of a dying breed. That’s why whenever I travel, I always send postcards to my family back home and buy a couple to keep for myself.

Nothing beats a hand-written note, an exciting story told in a three-by-five-inch writing space. Sometimes you had too much to write your words bleed into the edge. Or sometimes you had too little to write you draw suns or flowers or hearts. Nothing beats the romance of a picture-perfect postcard traveling thousands of miles just to reach you. Sometimes, you’ll even see the crease from when the card was put into the postal box slot, or a silly little smudge from a postman’s blackened fingers. Nothing beats the notion that at one time in one person’s journey, they thought of you – wishing you were there. Nothing beats that no matter the time, no matter the place, a postcard is something you can put on your refrigerator door or keep in your carved wooden box case. A postcard is eternal. For as long as you cherish it.

When did you last send one?

turning 28

Birthday dinner with dearest friends at one of our haunts – Hard Rock Oslo.

Foooooooood! (Greeeeease… LOL)

A lovely hamper of L’Occitane bath products. Weee! I can now make mountains and mountains of foam and bubbles in my bathroom. Haha! Thanks V and Boo!

A surprise flower delivery from Louis Vuitton – a lovely bouquet of amaryllis. Thanks T and S!

My gifts from Knut. Pushwagner’s Soft City. Weee! \o/ A bedside organizer. And how cute is that card with cops and robbers and giant maki rolls? Haha!

Coming home to cakes and tea.

Thank you very much for all your birthday greetings!

28’ll be a good year for me. :)


I’m 28 today! \o/

happy new year, everyone!

Happy new year, guys! Here’s to even greater things for all of us in 2010 and the new decade!

Enjoy your celebrations, ’cause tonight’s gonna be a good night! ;-)

merry christmas!

Here’s a warm Christmas greeting from a white winter wonderland in Oslo!

Lots of LVoe, Mark

a print debut

Garage Oct/Nov 2009

I know it’s not the best time to plug but if you’re in the Philippines and are able to get a copy of the latest issue of GARAGE Magazine, you will find fresh mess there.

After having written hundreds of press releases during my four-year PR stint in the Philippines, I am finally getting a byline in one of the country’s hottest fashion magazines. Thanks to GARAGE for making a dream come true!

GARAGE is available at newsstands nationwide. Grab your copies now!

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