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a greek holiday: postcards from the beaches of mykonos

Agios Stefanos Beach, Mykonos

People from four corners of the world come to the island of Mykonos for its incredible, long sandy beaches and enjoy the crystal clear waters and brilliant sunshine. But no one told us that Mykonos is also a cradle of winds. It was therefore essential to check how the wind was blowing every day as a trip to the beach could be quite uncomfortable with towels flailing and sand getting onto your face.

Taxi boat approaching Paranga Beach

First, an impression. The waters of Mykonos beaches are outstandingly warm and are in the most attractive shades of deep blue, turquoise, and lapis. It is truly quite a breathtaking sight to see or swim in.

Well, most of the days was windy so we only managed to visit two beaches. While Mykonos is known for its Paradise Beach, and as if that wasn’t enough, the ultra hot gay beach Super Paradise, we opted for more toned-down choices. One could reach the beaches via networks of private-run buses or by way of the sea with a taxi boat. If you have extra money to spare, as if Mykonos is not already expensive, you can rent a scooter, a quad, or a car during your stay and drive to some of the islands’ virgin beaches that are unreachable by public transportation. Also remember that rental of sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach is expensive, at 4 euros each. So if you are a couple, you’d pay 12 euros for two sunbeds and an umbrella for a day. But you can always just choose a spot right on the beach, bring your own towels and umbrella and pay nothing.

Our first beach was Paranga Beach. Situated between Paradise and Platys Yialos beaches, Paranga is a beautiful organized (sunbeds on offer) southern beach that offers excellent swimming and bars that go rowdy as the day rolls by. If you like a more peaceful area like we do, go to the right-most side of the beach, farthest to the row of bars.

Paranga Beach, Mykonos

Paranga Beach, Mykonos

Paranga Beach Boys

LV Zippy Coin Purse

We got a tip off our hotel hostess one day we wanted to go to the beach while it was quite windy. Located just around the corner of the new Tourlos Port on the northwest coast of the island, the Agias Stefanos Beach is well protected against winds from all directions. A favorite among locals, the beach has very fine sand and it’s easy to waddle from the shore as it’s mostly just sand, quite a wonderful surprise actually. It is also at an advantageous position capturing the legendary Mykonos sunset and watching the big cruise ships leaving the island at the end of each port call.

Agias Stefanos Beach, Mykonos

Cruise ship leaving Tourlos Port

Agias Stefanos Beach, Mykonos

There were still many beaches we wanted to explore like the undeveloped, virgin beaches and a tip-off like Agrari Beach and its idyllic cove, but we just didn’t have enough time or the weather conditions didn’t offer the best possible scenario. But as long as the tides keep on turning and the sun keeps on shining, there will be a next time for Mykonos and its lovely beaches.


how to tie the LV f/w 09/10 scarves

In response to Kevin’s recent posting on tying scarves (be it wool or Hermes), I found these clips on chuvaness‘ highly popular blog featuring the gorgeous Damier scarves from the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 mens collection of Louis Vuitton. 

These scarves are definite must-haves! I want! I want! I want!

Calling BBB!

some swedish saturday

Yesterday, Knut, two of our friends and I participated in a socio-economic phenomenon among Norwegians – driving into Sweden for cheaper consumer goods, wine and liquors. With an upcoming party, we took this chance to stock up and do some sightseeing as well in the city of Karlstad situated 107 miles southwest of Oslo.

Along the way, we rested at a camping site by a lake for some light lunch. We walked through some woods where trademark Swedish red cottages stood still, coming into a tranquil scenery where clear silent waters mirror mountains and trees. 





Karlstad is reputed to be one of the sunniest towns in Sweden and the city symbol is a happy sun. True enough, the entire Saturday was sun-kissed which was perfect for walking around town and enjoying some great food at an outdoor restaurant. There was some sort of festival going on in Karlstad this weekend. The main town square where the Peace Monument and Parliament could be found was brimming with booths selling wares from different countries. We bought three kinds of cheddar cheese and lemon curd from the British booth. Walking along one of the main avenues, I got flanked by these little girls in troll costumes. Boy they were dirty! Haha!














On our way back to Oslo, we took a detour and stopped by Sweden’s biggest lake called Vänern. They say that the lake is so big you can’t see the other end of it, and it apparently  measures around 10 times bigger than Norway’s biggest lake. We stumbled upon three guys having barbeque and beer and here’s a papparazzi shot – well they seem to have noticed me taking their picture. Hahaha!





That was a nice weekend trip, yes.

we heart kevin

Knut and I have been watching recordings of “Paradise Hotel” on TV3, a Norwegian franchise of the original American reality TV program. Apart from the bitchy girls who gang up on each other, it’s the boys that keep us glued to the show.


Well, just one boy actually. And his name is Kevin.

Kevin Guzon, 27, is the most gorgeous guy of the bunch in our opinion, with a killer smile and charming mannerisms. He’s also the most easy going person in the group, and the cutest clothing-wise what with a wardrobe that includes checkered shirts, pastel colored shorts and white wayfarers among others.




We’re unsure whether he’s Latino or Filipino (but Knut is rather sure he’s Pinoy) A friend confirmed he’s Filipino-Norwegian. In that case, he’s the guy we’d like to share our Paradise Hotel with. LOL.

We heart Kevin! Woot woot!

Update: We’re now FB friends! Lotsa’ pictures! Drools… Hahaha!

mancrush: nicolai cleve broch


First spotted in possibly Norway’s biggest film to date Max Manus (2008), Norwegian actor Nicolai Cleve Broch reminded me of Ryan Phillippe specially with his blond locks. He’s a natural brunette but had to bleach his hair for the role as a saboteur in Nazi-occupied Norway during WWII in the true-to-life film.


Then I saw another Norwegian film, Uro (Restless, 2006), tonight and saw him again in his dark do and brooding looks as a police officer who soon finds himself in a web of lies and drug-dosed Oslo.


I heart his prominent nose. I heart his plump lips. I heart his great body (sorry I couldn’t find screenshots of him showering naked in the police quarters). I heart his acting, too.


I heart.

silent night, holy shite

After spending three weeks in Manila I found myself back in Oslo in time for Christmas Eve celebration. This year, Christmas Eve dinner was an intimate affair shared with Knut and three very good friends. Our white retro Malibu glass cabinet turned buffet table was laden with Knut’s perfectly-baked turkey, Waldorf salad, gratinated potatoes and vegetables. We had scallops for the appetizer, while  a cloudberries dessert was served during gift-giving and I came bearing presents from the Philippines. I got a white leather-covered Porto Go iPod docking portable music player from Knut (very cool I love it!) and a bottle of Hermes Eau D’Orange Verte from Neil (hmmm, I love Hermes scents).

The capiz Christmas lantern from the Philippines also made its debut that night and I’m glad it got to Oslo in one piece. I had a little drama at the Oslo airport since it went missing on the baggage carousel. Turns out it turned out on another belt, beh! The running colored Christmas lights I brought from the Philippines decked a fresh pine tree and it was fab! So you see I had loads of stuff from Manila that I had 14 kilos in excess baggage. I had to pay 360 darn Euros at the airport in Manila. Holy shite! Well, that’s that.









Here’s to wishing everyone a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration! Stay safe guys! I’ll see you all in 2009!

after tonight


I was listening to AOL Radio at work one day last week and this song started playing. It started out quite anonymously until it crescendoed to a bewilderingly beautiful chorus. And I couldn’t stop listening since.

I would love to share the “After Tonight” video here on this blog, but it seems all its videos on Youtube couldn’t be embedded. Well, just search it yourself if you still haven’t heard/seen it. Justin Nozuka is also quite the candy to the eyes. :-)

Official site here, Justin’s myspace profile here.

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