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party in plaid

I am attending a New Year’s party tonight in some friend-of-a-friend’s place with a view of the city of Oslo and my outfit of choice is Plaid Plaid Plaid! Yes, I am wearing plaid pants, belt, and jacket – neutralized by a simple whit shirt and a Roberto Coin chocolate-bar-and-chili-pendant necklace. I don’t know if plaid is in the trend or what (well there’s the classic Burberry of course, which I couldn’t afford by the way), I don’t really care, I just wanted to economize my outfit (recycled jacket) and not get stuck in mundane solids and textures.

The full view
The detail
Happy new year everyone! I hope you all welcomed it with a big bang!


do you have a bluelist?

BLUELIST: v. to recommend a travel experience.

I didn’t know I was making a bluelist when I was making this “Go see the world” entry back in September 2005.

– Traipse across Europe, beginning in Scandinavia
– Ski down Holmenkollen
– Gaze at the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
– Go on a cruise (down the French Riviera, freeze in the Arctic or dock at the Caribbean coasts)
– Embrace the sun in Gran Canaria
– Visit the staple Asian playgrounds of Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Again and again and again
– Ride a gondola and play Merchant of Venice
– Spot the Big Five in Africa
– Take my cutest nieces Bea and Bianca to Disneyland so they could see Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Ariel in the flesh!
– Walk the Great Wall of China and get cosmopolitan in Shanghai with best friend Ish
– Get rowdy in Rio de Janeiro
– Japan in cherry blossoms season
– Teen-gazing in Japan’s Harajuku
– Live the high life in London
– Marvel at the Parthenon and escape to Mykonos
– Be blessed by Pope Benedict XVI in Vatican
– Shop in Morocco “Special price for you, my friend…”
– Fall in love again atop the Eiffel Tower
– Own a Mediterranean-inspired villa facing the sea or build a holiday house in Southern Spain
– Frisky frolic in Amsterdam’s Red District
– Breeze past the definitive rush-hour power-walking of New York

I only wanted to jot down the things to do and the places I wanted to visit before I hit the big 3-0. Wishing that as each year folds, I’d be gradually ticking each one off the list. Status quo: 3 out of 21. I still have a lot to do and miles to go. But I think I would have much more to do and a million more miles to travel, what with the two Lonely Planet Blue List books I got in the mail today.

After coercing asking my brother to send me either this book promotion (get the 2007 edition and grab the first edition for free!) or a one-year subscription to Conde Nast Traveller UK as a Christmas gift, I am now one happy reader-slash-wanderer.

Set your inner globe trekker self whirring and wandering. Sate your “the world is your oyster” desire. See the world!

walking around christmas town

It’s Christmas day and after a wonderful dinner of (1) sesame-crusted tuna with avocado spring roll as appetizer, (2) main dish of “ribbe” or roasted fresh ham served with boiled potatoes and pears, sauerkraut, prunes and home-made meatcakes, and (3) pannacotta in strawberry sauce topped with fresh berries and physalis fruit for dessert, plus alcohol of all sorts – from Line Aquavit (shipped from Norway, across the Equator, down to Australia, and back again in oak sherry casks) and toffee-flavored vodka to beer and Arctic Crowberry Frost – passed around last night in revelry, it is but fitting that we burn some calories gained in that special night of the year the day after.

After some normal lunch again (I cooked corned beef and fried an egg) today, Knut, Magne and I set on foot and walked around Oslo. Here’s some of my camwhoring pics.

Along Karl Johan, the main thoroughfare in downtown Oslo. From here, down past the Parliament, the National Theatre, the University and onto the Royal Castle at the end of the road, is the more posh Karl Johan.
At the Louis Vuitton entrance and my new Puma sneakers from Knut, likey likey!
They transformed Skipperparken into a skating rink, in between the University and the City Hall
I dare not skate, just some camwhoring would do.

where’s my white christmas?

Outside my apartment block in Oslo.

No snow in sight. Still, there are lots of reasons to be merry.

Merry Christmas, again!

merry christmas everyone!

It’s two days shy to Christmas and with a four-day break from work, I can finally feel the Christmas spirit working my insides. We did some house cleaning since we are hosting a Christmas eve dinner tomorrow night. I have been planning to decorate the dining table for some weeks now and after letting my inner gay out, wait I am gay creativity juices running, I came up with this.

I just painted some twigs silver, bundled them together, set them on a bowl filled with fake snow and silver decor sand, and accented it with purple, silver and white balls, as well as tealight holders.

After some Spanish stew dinner and camwhoring by the Christmas tree, Knut and I baked lots of “pepperkake” or gingerbread and tried some with this hot Christmas drink called “glogg” – the Scandinavian version of mulled wine made with ready-made glogg containing fruit extract and spices, water and red wine.

With that I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and lots of good tidings and cheer in 2007!

oh christmas tree

My Christmas will be celebrated differently this year, not only because it’s gonna be my first Christmas away from home but also because of the real pine tree standing in the corner of our living room. For many years living in Manila, I have decorated with yuletide abandon our humble faux tree, the kind that lasts many years because of the plastic material. In fact, I even bought a new one last year to replace our previous one which was more than 10 years old.

But since living in Norway, which has hundreds of thousands of acres of pine forests and a tradition of putting up a tree only a few days before Christmas, Knut bought one at the Christmas market in Youngstorget last night. Then tonight, we brought out his decades-old decorations – I love those vintage-print balls – and put up our Christmas tree for the year.

It’s nice to sit by the tree with the lights casting a warm glow and a faint scent of orange drifting through the air. A light feeling sets in and heralds that, finally, Christmas has come into our home.

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the coconut nut is a giant nut

Strange but somehow, blogger Coconuter visited me in my wet dreams, two nights in a row.

Now every time I visit his blog, I couldn’t help but break into an evil knowing grin.

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