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coming back at ya

Just letting you guys know that I’m back in Norway safe and sound from my amazing trip to Italy last week. I just have lots of catching up to do (my shopping job, watching recent episodes of tv shows, going back to school and course) so my trip report would come a few days late. I started working on it, sifting through hundreds of pictures I took. I go click-happy with my camera when I’m on holiday, hehehe. See you all in my next post!

In the meantime, have a great week ahead! Ciao!

Location: Casa dei Limoni, Monterosso Al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy


in transit: la bella italia

We’re off to a one-week holiday in Italy, a country I’ve always dreamed of visiting. After almost a month of planning, we’re going to three wonderful places around the boot-shaped peninsula, each unique on its own.

First stop is Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is known for its labyrinth of canals and bridges, the grandeur of its centuries-old palaces and piazzas, and its promise of mystery and romance. Monday morning we’re taking a train and traverse through inner Italy on the way to Florence, where we’ll scoop some gelato around the Duomo and hopefully admire some of the most famous Renaissance art in the world on Tuesday before we depart for Cinque Terre. A quintet of picturesque villages strung along Italy’s Ligurian coast, Cinque Terre is nestled among colorful Old World villages set on rolling hills, verdant vineyards and orchards, and panoramic paths. We’ll be staying at Monterosso Al Mare, where we’ll find solace in its extensive sand beach, named one of the 25 sexiest beaches in the world. We’ll take the train back to Venice on Friday, for one more fabled evening and that final sip of bellini.

Have a great week everyone!

7 days after – he’s here!!!

Exactly one week after I got my very first LV, I paid the lovely Oslo store a visit once again and came home with an even bigger loot – what could be inside this bag?

My very first LV luggage – the Keepall 50!

I remember back in Christmas 2006 how I wished for a Keepall 45 with a strap. After comparing the 50 to the 45 once again at the store today, I’ve decided the latter wouldn’t hold much for a luggage, and so went for the 50. I got a large dustbag for when storing the Keepall in the closet, placed in an LV carrier bag. The hotstamped luggage tag, with my initials in shiny gold (haha!) wouldn’t be ready until after two weeks.

Nonetheless, I’m happy that I finally own a Keepall, knowing that I worked hard for it. And the waiting – since 2006, since seven days ago – was all worth it. Now he sits stuffed with clothes to even the creases out, until he flies with me this Saturday to his first holiday in Italy.

I love it!!!


After getting some advice from a fellow TPFer, I called the store yesterday and said I wanted a gift box big enough to fit a stuffed Keepall for storage. I don’t have enough closet space and the box would be a convenient storage solution, plus it goes with the color theme of our bedroom. So I went to the store today and picked up the box, and to my surprise, the luggage tag heatstamped with my initials, which wasn’t due for pick-up until after 1.5 weeks, was done and ready, and so he came home with me, too!

I also picked up the Spring 08 V Magazine with Gwen+LV on the cover. Love it!

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the norwegian opera house opens

Congratulations to Oslo and the Norwegian people on the opening of its National Opera House, today joining the hallowed halls of Milan’s La Scala, Sydney’s Opera House, New York’s Metropolitan, and London’s Royal Opera House.

“Innermost in the Oslo Fjord, the opera house rises as a new and monumental landmark,” said Norway’s King Harald V in declaring the Opera open before royalty, national leaders, and music lovers in a gala performance. “This house for many generations to come will be filled with music, dance and song.”

From a Norwegian Embassy PR, “The construction of the new opera house is the largest single culture political initiative in contemporary Norway. It took five years to build and the cost is estimated to 500 million Euros. The result is an extraordinary building in white marble with a roof surface that rises directly from beneath the fjord. Part of the stage area lays 16 m under the surface of the water.

The opera house is designed by the acknowledged Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta, and their vision was of an iceberg emerging from the sea. It will be one of the most technically advanced opera houses in the world… In addition to a variety of performances in three different auditoriums, this will also be the first opera house in the world where visitors can take a walk on the roof.”

Click here for more.

Update: I went to the Opera House which was open for the public today and took some interior shots including the impressive curved walls of oak in the foyer, as well as some exterior shots as I walked up the roof using my camera phone.

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face lift

Knut and I had a major refurbishing project of the apartment from September last year to February this year. We tore down all the wallpaper and painted the ceiling and the walls white ourselves, while we commissioned for a parquet flooring to be installed. We were working on the apartment sparsely due to busy work schedules and so after months of hard work, specially for Knut who had to work by himself while I was away last December, we are very happy with the face lift we’ve given the apartment.

Our color scheme for the living room is purple + green.  We brought in a new rug in purple and a lounge lamp in white. The blank white wall above the sofa would eventually hold a painting or this huge framed mirror in wood I found in Ikea. I love all those accents in green and purple – from the green throw pillows to those purple candles sitting on glass stones, also in purple. The curtains are very light purple, and even the pot by the sofa has a purple shade.

Also, we mounted these cool nature vinyl stickers we found in Åhlens on one side of the room, bringing an organic feeling into the room. Those green vases which I got from my colleagues at the flower shop fit perfectly into the entire scheme. A 50-inch flat screen with white casing would look tough, no? Hehehe.

We have also started fixing the bedroom with roman blinds and headboard fixtures that are yet to be fastened. Our next projects would be the kitchen – we need cool cabinet doors and maybe some tiling work on some parts of the wall, and the entrance hall – we need a wardrobe and a shoe storage solution for our growing number of pairs. Imelda, isdatchu?

starting out small

I’m sitting out my Dunhill for this Louis Vuitton Pochette Cles I bought today.


It’s my very first LV and I’ve always wanted to get this key & change holder to keep small change, bills and cards. I’ve destroyed a couple of cards because I usually sit on my wallet. The last one happened during my trip to Manila last December – could you imagine? My SA was very nice and helpful, she even complimented me on my Norwegian, she was an Australian who also had to learn the language herself, given that I was struggling with some words. Hehehe. I also made a reservation for a piece I’m planning to pick up next week, in time for my trip to Italy in two weeks!

I’m happy. :)

bravo! bravo! bravo!

Mona Lisa. Marilyn Monroe. Gene Kelly. Stevie Wonder. Eminem. Gloria Gaynor. Maria Callas. Snow White. Ozzy Osbourne. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Nancy Sinatra. Bollywood Star. The Supremes. Whitney Houston. Tina Turner. The Three Tenors. Peggy Lee. Doris Day. Dolly Parton. Madonna. Celine Dion. The Titanic. King Tut. Cher. Gregorian Chants. Elvis Presley. Liza Minelli. The Statue of Liberty and more. All in 6 minutes.

Ennio Marchetto is brilliant!!!

Source: OMG

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