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wwyd wednesday no. 2

 WWYD Wednesday makes its second installment, and thanks to my lazy ass, I haven’t taken enough off-the-street pictures of Nordic men to share with you. But thanks to the never ending slew of reality shows, the boys of Survivor are back.My interest in the show has fizzled out in the last seven seasons (can you believe it’s their 13th already?!), but with a new twist thrown into the game, my interest is quite piqued again. Tribes are divided by ethnicity and there is a whole mix of beautiful eye candies from Asian, American, and Hispanic blood lines.Here they are, in their states of dress and undress.Brad – Filipino-American, of course he had to be firstYul – KoreanAdam – AmericanOzzy – MexicanJP – Hispanic, I don’t know his nationality.You know the drill, WWYD?


revenge is a dish best served cold

 And funny.At the wake of her Black Mamba slash The Bride days, the fabulous Uma Thurman returns as the avenging ex-girlfriend with superpowers in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It’s fun to see Uma in another – read: funny – light, but still masked with a “roaring rampage of revenge.”What would you do if you get dumped for another person? How would you get back to your recent ex? Hurl an angry shark? Strip him butt naked in a very important business presentation? Throw his sleek car into the cosmos? Stick a whirring chainsaw up his ass? Apparently, I’ve done worse.I am not proud to say this, in fact I say this at the risk of making me look like a very evil person. But I have hurt my ex in a way that’s so unimaginable. You see, to cut the heartbreaking story short, I outed him to his mom. Over a text message. Minutes after hanging up on his mom who took his cellphone away to talk to me, because he broke down really bad after saying he’s fallen for someone else. It’s got to be the most stupid move I’ve ever made. Coming out is a very personal choice and a very delicate one at that. Feelings will be hurt, hearts will be broken, faith in people we love may even be lost. I have apologized for it. I felt so dumb. But at the end of it all, last I heard, he moved back to his house (’cause he was thrown out), with the new boyfriend in tow. Yup, they lived together under his mom’s house. Now how redeeming is that?So lesson learned. No matter how bad the breakup was, it’s never good to get back to the person you once loved. It would only make things worse and give justice a bad name. Losing him over another would just make complete sense. You can just wish him the best. But if he screwed you really, really bad, then you can wish for a meteor to strike him down. But what’s the probability of that happening?Like one in a billion.

the amazing glaze

 Here’s another food entry and it’s something I miss from home. So over Skype, I asked mom for the recipe, and prepared it for dinner tonight.I call this The Amazing Glaze but for those menu-type descriptions, it’s “Pork & Egg Roll in Pineapple Glaze, served with pineapple slices and asparagus.” This recipe serves two.The ingredients:- 2 fillets of pork loin- 2 eggs- A can of pineapple juice- Brown sugar- Pineapple slices and asparagus- Salt and pepperThe procedure:Cut through the fillet horizontally to make a thin layer. Season it with freshly ground black pepper and salt. On a separate pan, fry an egg, which you will then put on top of the raw meat. Roll the pork-and-egg-combo and secure it with a string. Do the same for the other roll.Cook the rolls in pineapple juice, with the heat set on High. Sprinkle a generous amount of brown sugar. After some time, depending on the state of the meat (you want it cooked and tender), lower the heat for the pineapple juice to thicken and the brown sugar to caramelize.Make the dish pretty with some pineapples and asparagus. You can decorate it with anything, according to your culinary flair and artistic vision. Bon appetit!

tuesday night waffle

 After my week’s dose of Grey’s Anatomy, Knut and I decided to make waffles! These were made extra tasty with light sour cream mixed into the batter. I made mine extra appetizing with a crown of whipped cream, a scoop of ice cream and a drizzling of raspberry jam.Hmmm, kjempegodt!

sex in the city

 I’m not talking about those four girls and their conversations over one Manhattan breakfast table, but god I miss the show! I might as well buy the shoeboxed DVD pack for the snowy days ahead.I’m talking about a visit to the fall art exhibition in Oslo called Hostustillingen. These artworks are not representative of the entire exhibit. There is actually a smorgasbord of talents, expressions, and art pieces. But since I have a sick, perverted prurient mind, I am focusing on the sexually-charged artworks, in my opinion.This one looks like a blow-up love doll talking to you on a pair of underwear.Boys in the girl’s room. Girls in the men’s room. You free your mind in your androgyny.What’s your fetish?This is a fun one because you become part of the installation. You stick your head inside the phallus-looking beak and watch two long-necked bird-human beings fight each other.Need I say more?Finally. The black guy from the jungle is back, now shown in his full glory.To quote Samantha, “It’s pink, long, amazing.”

on air: stars

 Welcome to my very first audio posting!It’s not pitch-perfect but I hope you’ll enjoy it! Mwah!

first exams, extremely loud and incredibly close

There’s supposed to be another installment of WWYD Wednesday today but the recent course of things didn’t afford me the time to snap pictures of hot Scandinavians. So this is gonna be a boring one, I warn you.It’s only my second day at the language school today and hallelujah, I had my first written exams covering five chapters. I had to catch up with the lessons and did a quick review last night. The test was fairly easy; I had some difficulty with constructing paragraphs though so I constructed really easy ones. By the way, there’s 13 of us in the class and it’s like attending a congress in the United Nations, what with classmates from Italy, France, Romania, Japan, USA, Russia, Pakistan and India. I don’t have a friend or a buddy yet, whereas they already go on pairs or menage-a-trois. Well, I’m not there to socialize and we only have a month left before the course ends anyway. Maybe I’ll make friends with the next course, hopefully of a higher level, I would be taking.On my way home, I picked up this book which intrigued me the first time I read its summary. It’s “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.” Read the first chapter HERE.Books here in Norway are pretty expensive compared to what you could get in the Philippines. This book costs about twice the price of a paperback in Manila. Nonetheless, I’m happy that I have something new to read. I could have picked a Norwegian paperback but that’s still way too advanced for me. I start with something small like a newspaper, a magazine, or those captioned TV shows like Hotel Caesar, which is so big here in Norway. It’s like the longest soap ever, with more than 1,000 episodes to date.

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