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postcards from manila, manila: week three

My last week in Manila was spent mostly with family – visiting my grandma again in Batangas to say goodbye, celebrating Bernice’s 1st birthday, having dinners and donuts together, and wrapping Christmas gifts. It was also this time when I shared some momentous news with my family, which finally made me happy and complete. 





 bianca_jungle_lores bea_swing_lores









A big thank you to my family and friends for spending time with me and making my short holiday in the Philippines yet another memorable and lovely one. Until we see each other again.

I love you all!


postcards from manila, manila: week two

The second week of my stay in Manila started with my dad’s 60th birthday celebration at Party Avenue in Quezon City. The theme was 70’s disco so we all came in the trademark styles of the decade. It was a fun and successful event marking a milestone in my dad’s life as it gathered family and friends in one memorable evening. Two years from now, my brother and I have some party planning to do for my mom who’ll then turn 60.

dads60th_costume dads60th_withdad1



Since the news of my arrival has been revealed, meeting relatives and friends ensued and we visited my grandmother and some relatives in my dad’s hometown in Batangas. It was nice seeing my grandmother again, who used to take care of me and tell me bedtime stories when I was a kid. While there, I caught some virus and immediately fell sick. I was sick for like the next few days so I had to stay in before meeting my friends from Rustan’s, and later that week friends from college. 





I didn’t know that Filipino celebrity crush Piolo Pascual was crazy for me. Haha! The sight of that yummy Max’s chicken reminds me how much food I’ve had since I arrived. I’ve tried the fares of the ever-favorite Jollibee, California Pizza Kitchen, Via Mare, Cibo, Teriyaki Boy, Pepper Lunch (again) and even the Filipino dishes sold at the foodyard of Market! Market! OMG, just look at all these food!

viamare_crispybinagoongan viamare_arrozalacubana

rockwell_pl rockwell_pl_shimofuri_cooked marketmarket_inengsbbq



I’ve also spent some time with my three nieces who I love so dearly. Bea is an active and brilliant student at her school, Bianca trumps me with her English skills, while Bernice seems to be growing quickly and melts my heart with her shy smiles. 



Bea and her school’s choir participated in a Christmas choral competition at the Powerplant Mall and won the semi-finals! They are moving to the grand finals next Saturday. We were all so proud of Bea as she stood in the front line with her clever stance, brilliant performance, and that Close-up smile. 

rockwell_bea_choir rockwell_mom_dad_bernice


Just yesterday, we took the kids to the Avilon Zoo in Pasig where I had a close encounter with big cats, an albino carabao, the mighty Philippine eagle and other creatures both cute and creepy. It was pretty cool actually.


avilon_phileagleowl avilon_philippineeagle avilon_rabbitfeeding

avilon_someanimal avilon_tiger avilon_santafowl

avilon_withmom avilon_sheepfeeding

One week left in Manila. Aaaaaah! Thanks for looking!


that thursday

Wasn’t expecting to be woken up early (read: 9-ish AM) by my Aunt Mely, my ever-reliable European Travel Consultant, for some two cents regarding my luggage and shipment. Thanks a bunch!!!

Still sleepy and groggy, since I went to bed at around 4 AM already, I dialled my former company’s Human Resources number to make a follow-up on my check. Not yet ready. Was asked to make another call tomorrow, to see if I can finally get and encash it.

Went back to bed, woke up a couple of hours later for lunch.

Watched Game K N B, shuttling between the dining table and the TV room. I sooo love this show, with its advancing and retreating movable platforms, which the contestants are standing on. It’s a trivia game and the first two to reach the top of the step wins the competition and gets to challenge the reigning champion. Each contestant has two powers to command anyone to retreat one step back, so they must know when it’s most advantageous to use it. I also love its host, the ever-controversial and tactless, yet highly endearing Ms. Kris Aquino.

Went to a different local bank to open a joint peso savings account with my mom, should my check from Rustan’s won’t be available by tomorrow. That way, she can deposit and withdraw the cash-worth anytime.

Got some afternoon snack of burgers, salad and ice cream from Wendy’s.

We then went to ABS-CBN to send off my shipment. I had to carry 22 kilos worth of boxed stuff for several meters, looking for the DHL service point at the building’s lobby, only to find out that it’s 10 steps away from the entrance – to my left.

Signed, sealed, delivered. It should arrive in Oslo on Monday morning, about the same time my plane’s touching down Gardermoen Airport.

Attended a prayer meeting with my mom and dad, and asked for divine intercession for a safe travel. I also asked God to take care of my family while I’m away. God I love them.

Got home just in time for Supernatural, one of the shows I will miss. Who wouldn’t miss seeing these two?

The indefatigable and super Sam and Dean.

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