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youtube it!

I still haven’t gone through my photos from Portugal thus couldn’t make a proper entry about that trip. In the meantime, I’d like to share these two Youtube videos that I could watch over and over and over and over, yeah you got the point.

These guys are crazy! Two of them are, I believe, pinoys.

This guy is sooo darn cute. Ehem.



bravo! bravo! bravo!

Mona Lisa. Marilyn Monroe. Gene Kelly. Stevie Wonder. Eminem. Gloria Gaynor. Maria Callas. Snow White. Ozzy Osbourne. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Nancy Sinatra. Bollywood Star. The Supremes. Whitney Houston. Tina Turner. The Three Tenors. Peggy Lee. Doris Day. Dolly Parton. Madonna. Celine Dion. The Titanic. King Tut. Cher. Gregorian Chants. Elvis Presley. Liza Minelli. The Statue of Liberty and more. All in 6 minutes.

Ennio Marchetto is brilliant!!!

Source: OMG

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