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walk on

It’s three a.m. and I have just finished redesigning my blog.

After getting peeled off my bed by my mom to help her with some computer work, my blog-addict juices fed into my bloodstream a potent drive to give my space a new look, much like what a strong brew of coffee does to an all-nighter. I’m sleepy; my eyes have gained yet another puff in the bag (send me an eye serum, quick!), but I’m happy. I am satisfied.

My new design (I know! The third in just over a month!) sports sleek lines, subdued colors, and a focal visual that carries the core of my adventures and aspirations. Leaving the past with a renewed spirit and trailblazing into the future with wide-eyed wonder.

Keep on walking with me.


mood spoiler, you fickle-minded turd

It’s 15 minutes before 9, Monday, and I’m here at the office; when it should’ve been a holiday as declared a few days ago, but then changed at the nth time by the so-called president.

There goes my 12-noon wake-up time and my DVD marathon. Feh!

Just wanted to flush this out of my system so I could work today. I’m out.

tag you!

I’ve been tagged by master graphic designer, Noel.

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there’s no one around you?
> Watching DVD, surfing the Net, and the thing we all (okay, most of us) do but hardly speak of. Har dee har har!

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
> A Friday night at the spa, luxuriating in the jacuzzi, getting a full-body aromatherapy massage, and sweating it out in the steam room or dry sauna.
> Weekend day-out with friends, watching a movie, dining out.

3. Tag five friends and ask them to post this on their blogs.
> You’re next! Moja, Cams, Carl, Dean, and Bok.

and the journey begins

“With a little trip to the Embassy, this drizzly Friday morning marked the beginning of that life-long dive…

One of the reasons I started blogging, “Braving the Beyond” then, was to chronicle this point in my life where “I am ready to make a high-dive and risk limbs and heart for a future that may either make or break me and mark milestones or mishaps.”

With a little trip to the Embassy, this drizzly Friday morning marked the beginning of that life-long dive. Looking out the taxi window at the pouring rain, while stuck in the middle of Makati’s maze, I began to ponder: could the rain be the tears of those I would leave behind (and of those who would never know what I am set to do) or could this be heaven pouring its grace, like what any well-wisher would do and say to one set on a voyage?

The Embassy was the same pleasantly packed (30 or so people) venue as it was when I visited it the first time last May for the application papers. Those four walls cradled all the dreams and hopes of those people there, me included. Some are in pursuit of a better career, a bout with the high seas (read: seamen), a furthering of one’s travel exploits, or a reunification with friends and family (or soon-to-be-family, at that).

The entire submission process took me only close to an hour, a farcry from the horror stories I hear about submission in say, the US Embassy or in the China Embassy (like my bestfriend’s experience a day before). Which leads me to wonder why so many people choose to fly to the (predictable) US of A, when there are lots of other places to go to and beat the odds. Say, Europe. That is one fabulous continent to explore and contend with. Anyway… The officer who processed my papers was kinda bitchy at first, but soon warmed up to me later in the process. It will take 6 to 8 months to process my application, and so after letting go of my 6,000-peso application fee, I only wait and wish for the best…

Packaged goods

After attending my boss’ surprise birthday party at the Enterprise (at a work-hour, happily), I trooped to the Post Office in Manila to pick up a package from halfway-around-the-world. Thank you, love, for the spanking new wallet and Ms. Aguilera’s CD. Dirrty! :)

YOU fill up my senses

Tonight, I close my eyes and think of the months gone by and moments shared with you.

With every breath, I remember your kisses.
With every whiff of air, I remember your scent.
With every sound, I remember your sweet whispers.
With every light, I remember your beauty.
With every movement, I remember your hand holding mine.
With every beating of my heart, I remember your love.

Happy 14th, my darling!

diet update and overflowing work-plate

Contained Cravings

Here’s an update on my dieting efforts (After Six, after all, is an effort on my part, haha!):

Nights on After Six: Five

Weight lost: Hmmm… I didn’t weigh myself at all on the get-go of this “project”. I would only keep track of the developments with the thinning of my stomach.

Missed dinners: Night 1 – Adobong Pusit; Night 2 – Inihaw na Bangus; Night 3 – packed crew meal during the Citibank-Chopard Event at the NBC Tent; Night 4 – canapes and other pass-arounds during the Book Launch at Rustan’s Makati; Night 5 – Hmmm, I wonder what’s cooking tonight.

Slips and Sins – Haha! Okay, despite announcing to everyone at work that I haven’t gone down the slope and eaten something after 6pm, I have, well sometimes. Night 1 – five Danish shortbread nuggets; Night 2 – a handful of Tostitos with salsa dip; Night 3 – clean slate; Night 4 – just ONE canape with feta cheese and cucumber; Night 5 – clean slate.

Full Plate of Work, Work, Work

After handling the publicity for the Citibank-Chopard event at the NBC Tent last week, there are more chunks of work to do spilling off my plate:

August 25 – At Home with Rustan’s. A presentation to top-tier customers of the refurbished Home Floor at Rustan’s Alabang. Alabang! Just the thought of it weakens my knees. Inviting press people to hike all the way to Alabang is next to impossible.

September 15 – Montblanc-European Chamber of Commerce Fashion Show. Just need to draft and dispatch a pre-event press release so Montblanc afficionados would troop to the ECCP Fashion Show to buy Montblanc writing instruments, leather goods and timepieces.

September 21 – Swarosvki Fine Jewelry and Home Decor Show. Help colleague Inigo drum up publicity for the launch and presentation of Swarovski’s jewelry line for women and crystal decor for the home. Meet for the third time Swarovski Singapore’s execs. Shout out to Mabel, Samantha, and Iris!

September 24 – Tiffany & Co.-Lulu Tan-Gan Fashion Show. Major publicity campaign for the collaboration between iconic Tiffany & Co. jewels and local label Lulu Tan-Gan, from press invitations, media coverage, press kits and gifts.

October 1 – Montblanc Ladies’ Accessories Worldwide Launch. In sync with collection launches across the globe, the Philippine launch will happen in Ayala Musuem. In its diversification project, Montblanc launches a jewelry collection for women: rhodium-plated sterling silver pieces, from rings and earrings, to bracelets and necklaces. Major publicity campaign, again.

Heaven, help me!

crash and burn

After 6
see where the fish goes
Manila, 6:00 pm – In a recent turn of events, hot-stud-no-more Mark Carandang has come to acknowledge that his belly is bulging past the allowable limit and so has accepted a self-imposed experiment and challenge of dieting, for the first time ever. In a bid to lose 20-30 pounds in a timeframe of three months, Mark has decided to go for the least calorie-calculating and gram/percentage-punching dieting scheme he knows – the After Six Diet.
Yes, Manila. I will be on a diet starting today at 6:00 pm. No schemy last-minute munching. Just the regular eating hours and regular food intake: breakfast, lunch and (sometimes) afternoon snack. Why go for the After 6? First: It will not require me to buy a 700-1000-peso South Beach Diet packaged meal a day. Second: I am really such a sloth when I get home from work, so with low metabolism rate, this is the best option. I will try, to the best of my ability and the remaining strain of energy, to complement this diet with some calorie-burning exercises.

Crash and Burn. Wish me luck and a solid gut to fight the beckon (did you say bacon? ugh! gotta fight it!) of a tempting food, after six.

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