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his name is didrik

And he’s going to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest to represent Norway.

Pretty boy Didrik Solli-Tangen, 22, was virtually a nobody before the whole Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix wheel set in motion four weeks ago. In the Norwegian press articles leading to his semi-final win two weeks ago, he was referred to as Alexander Rybak’s (Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision Song Contest 2009 winner) friend. Now, the young opera singer and current music student has stepped out of the shadow and sang his heart out to win MGP this year with “My Heart is Yours.”

Watching the show live at Oslo Spektrum last night, it was very clear that he’s the big favourite to win the entire thing. After hearing him sing live for the first time last night, I felt there was that magical something that made me go cliche and say, a star is born. And true enough, his brilliance made him stand out from the competition – from world-renowned group A1 (finishing at a respectable second place) to more established Norwegian artists. I, myself, was bewildered and spent a good amount of SMS money to send him through and win.

Now, I can’t be more excited to watch him bedazzle the whole of Europe in May as all eyes are in Oslo and at Telenor Arena, where I’ll be for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest! Wouldn’t it be cooler if he was to wear this outfit instead? :-p

Didrik Solli-Tangen, “My Heart is Yours”

Melodi Grand Prix 2010 Winner

Photo credits: NRK


a1 to melodi grand prix finals!

We’re back in Oslo! And what better way to get back into the swing of things than watch the last two semi-finals of Melodi Grand Prix – the winner of which will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in May right here in Oslo.

Norwegian-British group A1 got a golden ticket tonight to the national finals in two weeks (we’re watching it live!) with their song “Don’t Wanna Lose You Again.” I heard hints of Coldplay in this catchy mid-tempo pop tune. I actually got excited when I heard their entry and am now silently hoping for an A1 victory on February 6. That is if it doesn’t go to the night’s other qualifier – pretty boy Didrik Solli-Tangen (left) with his powerful ballad “My Heart is Yours” in the same feel as “You Raise Me Up,” that took the whole semi-final by storm.

On the fashion front, the A1 guys were all wearing different incarnations of military jackets and a waist coat. Looks like Mark Read (center) is wearing the military jacket from Zara Fall/Winter 2010. Me likey!

Here are the videos of the qualifying performances:

A1 – Don’t Wanna Lose You Again

Didrik Solli-Tangen – My Heart Is Yours

Photo credits: VG/NRK

eurovision 2010 theme art and slogan revealed

Long time readers of my blog would know that I’m a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest – that annual musical extravaganza wrapped in glitter, glamour and grandeur where nations and artists across Europe come together and compete to bring home the victory. Next year, it will be extra exciting as the the contest will be held in Oslo, Norway! In the lead up to the ESC 2010, the organizers revealed yesterday next year’s theme art and slogan – SHARE THE MOMENT, created by the award-winning Norwegian design firms Gosu, Handverk and Snøhetta.

About the concept:

More than a hundred million people are watching the same show at the same time, in millions of living rooms. They rejoice with the winner and weep with the losers, investing a wide specter of emotions in the show. Imagine Europe by night, seen from high above. All you can see is the light from all the cities, towns and villages. This is Europe, as a whole – with no visual borders between nations, cultures or groups of people. Now, imagine these flocks of lights not only representing different groups of people, but they show how big and magical a moment can be when we all participate and come together. We lift those lights, we make them elevate and fly, we gather them and make them come together in giant flocks of light spheres which merge, dance and play. It is a magnificent display of thousands, millions of individual elements coming together and participating and sharing the moment. The overall visual identity of ESC 2010 in Oslo are these light spheres, operating in different manners. They spread out to form our slogan, they come together in huge, colorful flocks, they race through the night, they float together in patterns.

The flocks of light spheres are developed also with other types of media and expressions in mind. They are easy to reproduce for usage outside the print and screen media, they can take different sizes and they can easily be put together as flocks in different shapes, or used individually.

Only a few more months to go! I’m so excited.

Concept text and images taken from Gosu Design.

oslo named host city for eurovision 2010

eurovision 2010 oslo

Hot off the press: Oslo was named the host city for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. The two semi-finals are now confirmed to take place on May 25 and 27, and the Grand Finals on May 29. Much later than usual but was necessary to not clash with the finals of the UEFA Champions League. The event venue is still to be decided between Oslo Spektrum (site of the 1996 ESC) and the new Telenor Arena in Fornebu. Telenor Arena FTW!

This is the third time Norway is hosting the hugely popular song contest, following the country’s victories in 1985 and 1995.

a fairytale win for norway; alexander rybak conquers eurovision


It was an eventful weekend for Norway as Alexander Rybak conquered the 54th Eurovision Song Contest with a historic landslide win in Moscow Saturday, eve of the Norwegian national day. We held a Eurovision party at our place in the company of great friends. Fellow blogger Yed arrived in Oslo that day as part of his European trip in time for the party and the national celebrations the following day.

Hotly tipped as this year’s winner, Alexander charmed all of Europe with his self-composed “Fairytale” as he received points from all 42 voting countries. Even more staggering was receiving 16 12-point votes, the highest possible score to give. In the end, Alexander broke all-time record and ran away from 24 other final contenders with 387 points. Runners-up Iceland and Azerbaijan were more than 160 and 180 points shy from Norway, respectively.


Moscow gave a truly amazing show, and I felt that all the songs/countries in this year’s finals deserved their place. There was no single bad song in essence. Clearly, gimmick performances (ehem, Czech Republic, Serbia and Belgium) got weeded out. Rock songs didn’t make the cut either. Iceland was a deserving 2nd placer – her song was amazing and her performance flawless. United Kingdom (5th) was quite a surprise for me – she really shone for three minutes and her vocal range was unbelievable. Favorite Greece (7th) never appealed to me as he was so mechanical and a bit too jerky. It didn’t help that his singing was awful too. France’s (8th) Patricia Kaas showed what a world-class artist she was. Ukraine (12) got robbed of a better placing in the finals as she was truly a sight on that stage. Her song had a catchy hook, her act raunchy and raw. Portugal (15) deserved a better placing too – she was a breath of fresh air. Germany (20) had a guy with a hot body and Dita Von Teese’s crazy waistline. That’s about it. I felt sorry for Sweden (21) – somehow their formula ain’t working. Maybe they tried to do too much – alternatively basking Malena’s act in blinding white light, which reminded me of Charlotte Perelli’s grey-skinned entrance last year. Spain (24) must feel terrible falling hard when Soraya proclaimed from her national finals win that she was gonna take the night and had a huge rolling intercontinental campaign. Norway never did a PR junket. Alexander gave his all on the one night that mattered and secured a fairytale win for the elf-looking 23 year old Alexander.

Congratulations to Alexander! I’m proud to be living in Norway, as we are hosting next year’s competition. I’m sure Norway will pull all stops to deliver a contest to remember.

Here are some pics Vanessa and I took from the party, look out for the Eurovision cake (thanks to Neil’s baker and my graphic design skill, lol).






Fun, fun. fun! Coming up – Norway’s 17th of May celebrations.

P.S. My blog stats went bananas since Alexander won. It had more than 5,200 views yesterday and today it’s counting at around 3,500. Crazy!

it’s eurovision week!

One of the few weeks in the year we’ve been waiting for is finally here – it’s Eurovision week!!!


The Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s biggest and most loved TV show, kicks off in Moscow on Tuesday with the first semi-finals. The second semi-finals follow on Thursday and the grand finals with all 25 finalists happens this Saturday when we will be throwing a party at our place, projector screen and all.

Here are my favorites from the 1st semi-finals:

Turkey: Hadise – Düm Tek Tek 

Romania: Elena – The Balkan Girls

Portugal: Flor-de-lis – Todas As Ruas Do Amor

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Regina – Bistra Voda

Here are my favorites from the 2nd semi-finals, where Norway’s Alexander Rybak will compete in.

Norway: Alexander Rybak – Fairytale

Denmark: Brinck – Believe Again

Azerbaijan: AySel & Arash – Always

Greece: Sakis Rouvas – This Is Our Night

Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda – Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)

I really dont have a favorite among the five direct finalists – the “big four” Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France and last year’s winner Russia.

The anticipation is running high, the party will be great, the show is sure-fire fantastic. I can’t wait!!!




















alexander rybak to eurovision 2009


Hege Bakken Riise/NRK

In a thundering win, Alexander Rybak received a record-breaking 747,888 votes from the combined jury and audience televoting and will represent Norway with his song “Fairytale” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow this coming May.

Receiving all the top votes from the four city juries, as well as the five Norwegian regions (even receiving more than 300,000 votes in the Eastern/Oslo region), Alexander was the runaway winner leaving second placer Tone Damli Aaberge with more than 600,000 votes difference.

Ever since “Fairytale” broke into the Melodi Grand Prix radar, I’ve always been mesmerized by the song which tells a story of a young love that fell apart. Alexander’s violin-playing also adds magic to an already wonderful performance that mixes folk music and Norwegian folk dance (Hallingdans). 


Mark Joseph Carandang

I have high hopes that he will qualify in the Eurovision Song Contest 2nd semi-finals on May 14. And that he’ll do very well, if not win the whole thing, in the Grand Finals on May 16. 

Heia Norge!

(Born in Belarus but growing up in Norway,) Alexander Rybak is a musician, composer and actor. He has taken to the stage with Arve Tellefsen and Morten Harket, amongst others. He won the Kjempesjansen show on NRK in 2006, and in 2007 he played in the Oslo Nye Teater and was awarded the Heddaprisen for his contribution. His song Fairytale reached #1 in the Norwegian single charts and it was the first MGP entry ever to reach the top of the charts before the final. –

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