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crazy/beautiful friday

 Thank you for making this day truly fun and memorable.I am blessed to have found crazy/beautiful friends in all of you. I will miss you all!


that thursday

Wasn’t expecting to be woken up early (read: 9-ish AM) by my Aunt Mely, my ever-reliable European Travel Consultant, for some two cents regarding my luggage and shipment. Thanks a bunch!!!

Still sleepy and groggy, since I went to bed at around 4 AM already, I dialled my former company’s Human Resources number to make a follow-up on my check. Not yet ready. Was asked to make another call tomorrow, to see if I can finally get and encash it.

Went back to bed, woke up a couple of hours later for lunch.

Watched Game K N B, shuttling between the dining table and the TV room. I sooo love this show, with its advancing and retreating movable platforms, which the contestants are standing on. It’s a trivia game and the first two to reach the top of the step wins the competition and gets to challenge the reigning champion. Each contestant has two powers to command anyone to retreat one step back, so they must know when it’s most advantageous to use it. I also love its host, the ever-controversial and tactless, yet highly endearing Ms. Kris Aquino.

Went to a different local bank to open a joint peso savings account with my mom, should my check from Rustan’s won’t be available by tomorrow. That way, she can deposit and withdraw the cash-worth anytime.

Got some afternoon snack of burgers, salad and ice cream from Wendy’s.

We then went to ABS-CBN to send off my shipment. I had to carry 22 kilos worth of boxed stuff for several meters, looking for the DHL service point at the building’s lobby, only to find out that it’s 10 steps away from the entrance – to my left.

Signed, sealed, delivered. It should arrive in Oslo on Monday morning, about the same time my plane’s touching down Gardermoen Airport.

Attended a prayer meeting with my mom and dad, and asked for divine intercession for a safe travel. I also asked God to take care of my family while I’m away. God I love them.

Got home just in time for Supernatural, one of the shows I will miss. Who wouldn’t miss seeing these two?

The indefatigable and super Sam and Dean.

the last three days

Random thoughts, happenings, and what-nots over the last three days. This will bore you. Read no further. I just need to chronicle this for my departure.

– Was supposed to get a tooth extracted, but darn that wisdom tooth, surgery needed to be done, and that’s the last thing I need right now.
– Shopped for underwear – classic Jockey boxer briefs and funky printed ones from Bench. Got a free ticket for the Bench Fever Show this Friday, which I am giving away to Hench.
Shit, I’m really leaving come week’s end.
– Watched America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 – the one where they portrayed the Seven Deadly Sins and Tatiana was taken down.
– Started pulling out, albeit difficult to part with, pieces of clothes from my luggage. I could only afford 10-kilos worth of excess baggage.

– Opened a joint dollar savings account between mom and me at BPI. Pending approval.
– Went to Rustan’s Makati to pick up my Montblanc fountain pen.
– Had a haircut at Bench Fix Salon in Glorietta.
– Got picked up by Liz, went for coffee at Starbucks Bluewave. (No Starbucks in Oslo!!!)
– Slept past 4 am the following day, doing last item entered in Monday’s activities. So freaking frustrating.
“Stunted bursts of melancholy.” <– I like that.

– No approval yet from BPI. Darn, time’s running out.
– Called SAS to check excess baggage fee, only to find out that USD33 is not for 10 kilos, but for every kilo in excess of the allowed weight. So USD33 x 10 = USD330 = NO WAY!
– Should have taken Business.
– Decided to ship via DHL, had to recalculate and reassign my stuff between checked-in luggage and shipped box. Would only cost me around USD200.
– And I could now bring my books! No space for my Conde Nast Travelers though. Darn.
– Went to see my optometrist. Needed to check my vision grade since I haven’t been using prescribed eyeglasses. True enough, it went from 125 to 175. I think I need to practice wearing contact lens ’cause I swear they are a pain in the ass. I look so, uhm, dead serious in reading specs.
– Went to see Nick at Robinson’s Place Manila.
– Long phone call with Liz.
– My new external hard drive is bursting with the good stuff.

Now on to the next three-and-a-half days to departure.

and the good times will never end

And everytime, I think of you
I’ll remember all the good times that we’ve had
And everytime, I sing this tune
I will laugh, I will cry, I will close my eyes
‘Cause I know that it won’t be long

Till we sing, We will rise
We will laugh away the night
And the good times will never end
When we meet again

And I’m gonna be somewhat lonely
‘Cause you know no one could ever fill your shoes
And as I am sharp as I am
You have taught me how to be a stronger man
And I look forward to the day I learn again

We will sing, We will rise
We will laugh away the night
And I know that it won’t be long
Until we meet again

Though I wish that I were with you now
I know there’s a reason for space
I can dream of memories you’re writing down
And I look forward to the day
And the smile on your face

We will sing
We will rise
We might cry and we might fight
And the good times will never end

We will laugh
We’ll relax
We’ll reflect on the years we’ve passed
And I know that it won’t be long
Until we meet again

And everytime I think of you.

Thank you to my family and friends for giving me tonight. A night I will always fondly look back on as that fleeting moment that will never lose its color nor sound. A night that was filled with so much love and well-wishes. A night with memories that will keep me company in my lonely nights, give me strength in my doubtful hours, keep my spirits up that seeing your faces again is never too distant nor impossible.

I may be gone for a while, but the good times will never end. We will always have this night to remember.

Until we meet again.

The Goodbye Song, Stephen Speaks

oxygen you wear

I went today to a nearby mall to have some photos developed for my folks, which was about 400 photos all in all. Since there’s a two-hour printing time, I roamed around and much to my delight, got some new stuff from one of my favored clothing stores here in Manila – Oxygen. It’s another great source of casual and edgy ready-to-wear at an affordable price. Oh how I will miss Oxygen!

These will be yet another addition to the stuff I’m bringing to Oslo with me. Don’t think there’s enough breathing space in my luggage. Lookee lookee…

Ten days to go. 1-0 freaking days to go!

bench fever

Looks familiar, eh?

Here’s parts of a campaign series for Bench Fever, the Underwear and Denim Show by local clothing label giant, Bench, slated on 30th June at the Araneta Coliseum.

Uhm, I’m not sure if I’m digging it since these are rather lame renditions of Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor promotionals. Thank goodness there’s some of my fellas in it, like R&B Prince Jay-R, the one with the bling-blings, and Zanjoe, the one who’s a-swinging.

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I was never a fan of going to the dentist and I must admit that I deliberately missed some imperative annual check-ups in the past. But this time, I have to move my ass to the dentist chair since I heard that dental treatments are worth gazillions in Oslo.

Geez, I thought I was prepared enough for some oral action, but boy it’s a totally different story when you are glued to the chair for three hours! It was like giving head to eleven Chad Hunts, ten Michael Lucases, and another ten of Michael Brandons, non-stop, one after the other.

I wish I have a bigger mouth. I can only manhandle so much, y’know.

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