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cruising with gucci

While I was browsing Gucci’s website, I found these bags from the brand’s Cruise 2008 collection in a refreshingly cool color palette.


I found my fondness for green only recently, and juxtaposed with the stark contrasts of black and white, that combination just works for me every time. Like one of my favorite shirts is a white Diesel tee with graphic prints of black and green. Or that pair of Comme des Garçons shoes I got in Amsterdam, yup, in green with stripes of black and white.

I like one of these, too!


postcards from steinkjer

I had a full winter experience last weekend when Knut and I escaped to his hometown of Steinkjer and celebrated his mom’s birthday. While central Oslo has yet to receive its first centimeter of snowfall, North Trøndelag is already in the thick of the winter season. I’m glad I got to experience this before I head off to the warm temperatures of the Philippines next week.

The Landscape






The Boy in Winter Wonderland





pick of the week: moby dick


I’ve never seen ’em this big. They’re so big I call ’em Moby Cock. Tee hee. =)

norway left out of michael moore’s “sicko”

A link to this clip made its way to my email and a quick search at YouTube says that this clip only made it to the bonus material section of Michael Moore’s latest documentary about the US healthcare system, “Sicko”. Moore narrates that while making the film, he visited a county “that blows France out of the water,” a place “so scary he couldn’t put it in the film.” Then he enumerates some of the benefits that Norwegians reap from the welfare state, like expecting mothers getting a full year of paid maternity leave.

He continues that Norway is first on the United Nations Human Development list. The famous Nordic social welfare system provides Norwegians with a first class health, education and benefits system, financed through taxes. I am glad to actually see where my taxes go, and soon, I’m going to reap some benefits when I go out of work. I would register at the national job placement office for monthly allowance until I find a new job. Isn’t that just unbelievable?

Anyway, see more of Norway’s social welfare system (including the hunky prison inmates) and videos of Oslo’s attractions. Happy weekend!

early winter by gwen stefani

Just released two days ago, Gwen Stefani’s new video looks so lush. I like the drama, the Eastern European location, the voluptuous hairstyles and dresses. Not to mention “Early Winter” is one of my top picks from her album, “The Sweet Escape.”

Here’s a photo recap of her The Sweet Escape Tour in Oslo, while she’s performing this song on stage.

Early Winter

postcards from gothenburg

The Hotel




The Cityscape







The Camwhoring, but of course!








in transit: gothenburg, sweden

I haven’t been blogging this week, what with the late night Norwegian school, late night review of downloaded TV shows, and late night work these past two days as we prepared the Christmas shop. And before you know it, I’m off to Gothenburg, Sweden for a weekend getaway with Knut. Woohee!




We will take the bus early tomorrow morning, which should take 4 hours to get from Oslo to Gothenburg. We will be billeted at one of Gothenburg’s nicest hotels, First Hotel G, built directly above the central station and right at the doorstep of Gothenburg’s main avenue called Aveny. It is also ranked no. 1 at Trip Advisor. We are hoping to get some nice dinner, some well needed massage, and some shopping, too. Good thing shops in Sweden are open on Sundays! We just want a relaxing weekend, away from all the heavy work we’ve both been doing recently.

See you all in a few days!

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