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snapshots from strömstad

Knut and I went on a long spa and suite weekend at Strömstad, Sweden – a two-hour drive from Oslo. We were greeted with this view from our room, which was a sign of the relaxing days ahead.

The canal view with that solitary little red house at the end was so serene.

The living room featured these cool ring chairs we called donuts. The lower back support on these is amazing.

The hotel/resort is built next to a marina. I bet it’s thriving here in the summertime.

I like taking sunset photos. They are both calming and magical.

Wicked and whimsical.

I wanted to take home one of these cool lamps. If only they weren’t this huge.

Wearing my new Balenciaga shoes, Acne jeans, Cheap Monday shirt and my new DND Denim Development knitted cardigan I got as a gift from Knut.

Quality Spa & Resort features facilities spread over 2,000 sqm that guarantee hours of relaxation. I loved the saltwater pool with colored lights, the outdoor jacuzzi which we tried while it was snowing outside (pictured on the upper right corner), and the hot bath with a horizon view over the waters of Strömstad.

Now what could be more relaxing than that?


of shots and studs

Absolut Vodka Rock Edition

As if we could never get enough of studs in our Louboutin shoes and Prada shirts, that potent Swedish swig that is Absolut Vodka serves a bottle design that deserves an accolade of its own. The Rock Edition comes wrapped in leather and studs, created in collaboration with Natalia Brilli.

This is sure to rock your party, kids. Drink moderately. ;-)

some swedish saturday

Yesterday, Knut, two of our friends and I participated in a socio-economic phenomenon among Norwegians – driving into Sweden for cheaper consumer goods, wine and liquors. With an upcoming party, we took this chance to stock up and do some sightseeing as well in the city of Karlstad situated 107 miles southwest of Oslo.

Along the way, we rested at a camping site by a lake for some light lunch. We walked through some woods where trademark Swedish red cottages stood still, coming into a tranquil scenery where clear silent waters mirror mountains and trees. 





Karlstad is reputed to be one of the sunniest towns in Sweden and the city symbol is a happy sun. True enough, the entire Saturday was sun-kissed which was perfect for walking around town and enjoying some great food at an outdoor restaurant. There was some sort of festival going on in Karlstad this weekend. The main town square where the Peace Monument and Parliament could be found was brimming with booths selling wares from different countries. We bought three kinds of cheddar cheese and lemon curd from the British booth. Walking along one of the main avenues, I got flanked by these little girls in troll costumes. Boy they were dirty! Haha!














On our way back to Oslo, we took a detour and stopped by Sweden’s biggest lake called Vänern. They say that the lake is so big you can’t see the other end of it, and it apparently  measures around 10 times bigger than Norway’s biggest lake. We stumbled upon three guys having barbeque and beer and here’s a papparazzi shot – well they seem to have noticed me taking their picture. Hahaha!





That was a nice weekend trip, yes.

snapshots from stockholm & utö

Before I head to another destination this coming weekend, let me close the chapter of my recent Swedish soiree. As most of you would know, I was in Stockholm for a week to attend the Europride and just enjoy the Scandinavian capital I fell in love with the first time. It was raining sporadically during this holiday but that didn’t stop us and a throng of thousands from viewing the Pride Parade. We also managed a bit of shopping, sightseeing, and dining. 

I have mentioned in an earlier post that we were to watch Kate Ryan in concert, but tickets were sold out. We, however, were able to see some of Sweden’s biggest artists like the handsome Jude Law-ish Måns Zelmerlow and 90’s duo Right Said Fred (yeah, you read that right) at the Pride Park grounds.

A couple of days were spent out in the Stockholm archipelago on a beautiful island called Utö. Sadly, the weather was not as beautiful as it rained the days we were there, but we managed to entertain ourselves indoors with a boardgame and a pool table.

Here are some photos (this number is nothing compared to the actual number I took) and this is a heavy post, so I hope your connection allows you to enjoy these images of Stockholm and Utö.








Thanks for looking!

the day we saw amit paul

August 1, 2008.

I was completely stoked the day I finally saw Amit Paul in person! It was during our recent trip to Stockholm that we managed to track down the location where Amit was making an appearance for the Doodle for Google tour. We first read it online and with three venue changes, we weren’t certain when we headed to Medborgerplatsen in central Stockholm that Friday. Upon reaching the square, I immediately saw the Google van and even from a distance, I could figure out it was Amit shifting the mic stand to level. Excited as we were, Knut and I headed to the spot. And before we knew it, we were each handed a sheet to doodle a Google logo and seated right in front of Amit, a shy meter away. Boy it was so surreal! I had been listening to his successful pop group A-teens for some years now, so sitting in front of him as a happy audience was way beyond I imagined. I have been following his career as a solo artist lately and it was a blast singing along to few of his songs. The guy has great material and I couldn’t wait to see him go mainstream and be recognized for the talented artist that he is. Anyway, I was hoping for a picture together with him like a crazy fan, but that just didn’t happen. We were a bit shy to approach in between sets and after his performance, he was picked up by his parents (so sweet and dear) and we just didn’t want to bother. Oh well, I took these great pictures of him anyways. 

In between taking these pictures and watching him perform, I managed to doodle this as my entry to the competition. I wonder what happened with that? I had no idea that day as it was totally unexpected so I just picked up from details of my Wapity.

Here’s Amit’s latest single from the album, Songs in a Key of Mine, “Judge You”. Enjoy!

in transit: stockholm & utö, sweden

Knut and I will fly to Stockholm tomorrow and will be away for one week to attend the festivities of Europride 2008 including a concert of delicious dance music singer Kate Ryan at the Cafe Opera. We’ll end the mini-holiday with a two-day respite at Utö, an island east of the Stockholm archipelago.

Here’s Kate Ryan’s latest single, a dance-ified version of France Gall’s Ella Elle L’a. Enjoy and see you all in a week!

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