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postcards from gran canaria: playa del cura

It’s been a week since we were at Gran Canaria, where we spent lazy days under the sun. No work, no worries, no winter. Jetting away in January is such luxury. Suddenly, winter got shorter. Skins got darker. Souls got lighter.

After seeing the other places around Gran Canaria, we were happy we made the right choice with our hotel. It’s nestled at the quiet resort of Playa del Cura, on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria, with a beach cove and a relaxed atmosphere. Our hotel, Sunprime Riviera Beach & Spa is a designer property that’s sitting right on the beach. Marketed as a child-free hotel, one’s guaranteed quiet and peace. There are a variety of sunbeds and fringed parasols around the hotel’s two pools. A few steps away and one can enjoy the revitalizing waters of the Atlantic. Our suite, located at the topmost floor and on the edge of the hotel, afforded a sweeping view of the ocean. Every afternoon as the sky turned golden to crimson, we got to admire the sun disappearing into the horizon.

Oh how I miss thee!

Welcome to Sunprime Riviera Beach & Spa!

Once you enter, you are greeted by these lovely lilies and a great smelling reception lobby!

Reaaally good mattresses, these ones. How thoughtful that our robes and towels were of differing shades of green, no mix-up!

Yes, that’s an open shower right there!  LOL.

This view greeted us every morning as we ate our breakfast on the balcony.

These fringe pool parasols were fabulous! And that’s our balcony right on the edge, where we watched the beach life unfold from down under.

The rugged terrain of Gran Canaria serves as a picturesque backdrop to the hotel pool.

Even Edward got to soak in some rays.

Weeee! Let’s get soaking wet!

Life’s a beach.

The final sunset over Playa del Cura. Oh how we will miss thee!


turning 28

Birthday dinner with dearest friends at one of our haunts – Hard Rock Oslo.

Foooooooood! (Greeeeease… LOL)

A lovely hamper of L’Occitane bath products. Weee! I can now make mountains and mountains of foam and bubbles in my bathroom. Haha! Thanks V and Boo!

A surprise flower delivery from Louis Vuitton – a lovely bouquet of amaryllis. Thanks T and S!

My gifts from Knut. Pushwagner’s Soft City. Weee! \o/ A bedside organizer. And how cute is that card with cops and robbers and giant maki rolls? Haha!

Coming home to cakes and tea.

Thank you very much for all your birthday greetings!

28’ll be a good year for me. :)

snapshot sunday


Une rose jaune

a greek holiday: postcards from mykonos town

The heart and soul of the island, pedestrianized Mykonos Town is a beehive of activity where the world comes together to sample Greek dishes in the many tavernas and topnotch restaurants, to shop local wares as well as luxury timepieces and fine jewelry, to appreciate and acquire art from the galleries, and when the night falls party like there’s no tomorrow.

Mykonos Town has a myriad of tiny and charming alleyways. In every corner you turn, you’ll find a sight that’s postcard pretty. Bursts of color, from potted plants to bougainvilleas lazily hanging from balconies, appear among whitewashed houses. Following the breeze, you’ll find yourself in one of the island’s main tourist attractions – be it the famous windmills, Little Venice situated dramatically on the edge of the sea, the Paraportiani church with its insurmountable shape and structure, or the friendly town mascot Petros the Pelican spreading its wings at the Old Port.

Here are my postcards from Mykonos Town.

Mykonos Town House

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town
Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Paraportiani Church

Mykonos Town Window

Mykonos Town Little Venice

Mykonos Town Little Venice

Mykonos Town Windmills

Mykonos Town Windmills

Mykonos Town Windmills

Mykonos Town Windmills

I hope you’ll find yourself here one day, too.

these are a few of my favourite things


Prada and peonies.

When I brought home the YOOX package delivered to my office yesterday, I dropped by the flower market at Stortorvet to pick up some pink peonies. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers in the world. I like how they start as hard balls and bloom into magnificent voluminous flowers. With the same affinity for peonies, I also like Prada. And after waiting for a few days, my new pair of shoes is now finally unboxed!



This pair of Prada moccasins in cacao is constructed with the softest supple deerskin, leather soles with rubber insets at the heel and stitch detailing. The vamp also features braided leather and discreet stamped Prada signature.






I have been looking for a pair of comfortable brown shoes for when I travel and this is just the perfect find. What’s even better is I got it from YOOX at a great price of €138 during the ongoing Sale² and with an additional 5% off by using the promo code green@yoox.

We love peonies. We love YOOX. We love Prada.

snowy trees and weekend memories

Last Friday, Knut and I flew to Trondheim and took a 1.5-hour train ride to his hometown in Steinkjer, where we would stay the rest of the weekend, which coincided with his sister’s 50th birthday celebration.




Knut’s childhood house retains that rustic feel from that moment in time when he would run up and down the stairs as a child. It has since been vacated when his mom moved to an elderly home, and apart from the occassional visits and night-overs the house would sit still. With a vast empty landscape around you, one could easily forget the rest of the world and this weekend provided a time to recharge and breathe in the crisp winter air. As I flicked off the TV as there’s only one channel frequency and stared out the window, I thought on how life could be so simple in the country. And for once, I learned to appreciate the stillness of my surrounding, the simplicity of facilities, and the satisfaction that a simple warm home cooking gives us. And when the night fell, the sky got strewn with a billion string of stars, a sight that I will always remember.









Before I get carried away by my prose of wintery wonderlands and memories fleeting by, let me tell you that the birthday party was a great one. Attended by guests close to 90, the party gathered his sister’s family, friends and colleagues. Knut and I were partly responsible for decorating the venue and we integrated the theme of sewing into the table decorations, as his sister is a seamstress specializing in Norway’s traditional bunad dresses. We laid yards of purple and sea green wool yarn passing through spools of thread on the tables, accentuated by glass plates and tealight holders in the most vibrant of colors. The song book Knut and I designed also integrated laces and embroidery patterns. As in any Trøndelag (the region of Norway) party I’ve attended before, we had a table of more than 10 different kinds of cakes. Mmmm… We, along with Knut’s family gave his sister a money tree, literally. Pretty cool actually.



I think winter is behind us all now as traces of spring slowly trickle in. The ice is melting, the sun is shining and the day becomes longer. I even went home early from work today and walked on sunshine. Here are (de)parting photos for the weekend and the winter that was.






Thanks for reading!

27 is a strange number

In the wake of my 27th birthday, I held a birthday celebration last Saturday night in the company of Knut and some of my closest friends. This was the invitation I made and sent out a week earlier.


With great home-made food, pretty party people, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry playing in the background, a disco ball casting colors on the walls, 27 candles on Knut’s homemade birthday cake, and lovely Louis Vuitton gifts and more, it turned out to be one fine night I will never forget. Now on to the party pics.
























From an earlier post, I got to open my gifts from Knut which included a suit set which I wore to the party, a warming fluffy pillow and a rose quartz stone. I also got amazing gifts from my friends. I am loved! Haha! Vanessa and Neil gave me the LV Damier Graphite 6 Keys Holder, which will go well with my Ieoh. It even came with my initials heatstamped in silver, it’s perfect and I LVoe it! Bianca gave me the anniversary edition LV Paris City Guide with slipcase, something I’ve been meaning to get since it came out. Mark gave me an LV gift certificate which came with this cool picture card I want framed.


Yasuko brought a vase of fresh tulips she styled herself, Keng and Stein gifted me with a Mamma Mia DVD, Lady Gaga CD, and a cruise for 4 to Denmark, Neil and Arild boxed a pair of Bjørn Borg boxers, Grace brought a bottle of red wine, Lucien packed a green laptop case, Magda, Joana, Ioana and Christian got me a teapot with flowering teas and Ioana baked a yummy Chocolate with Chili cake. Vanessa also brought her famous and delicious leche flan.


You could tell at the end of the night I was one beaming birthday boy. :p

Thank you guys for coming to my party. It was fun! And turning 27 didn’t feel so strange anymore.

With additional photos by Vanessa.

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