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I thought something like this happens only in the movies or to the worse of us, but never to my own family.

When bad guys leap from the big screen and into your living room, threaten your family at gunpoint, and leave scarring trauma marks, then you realize that movies do imitate life, and that no one is ever safe, not even in the confines of one’s own home.

You can take away everything, but never the innocence of my six-year-old niece and the lives of my family. It’s the shock and the indelible memory of staring into a gun barrel that would reverberate and recur throughout their years. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I hope and pray that none of this would ever happen again. Not to my famiy. Not to anyone else.


man(ila)-o-mission 4: the sun god

JAKE CUENCA, 18, on the cover of the latest issue of Generation Pink, which I got from the office mail today.

“Set to conquer new horizons, Jake sheds his boy-next-door image and lets all inhibitions loose… as he proclaims himself the drop-dead gorgeous Adonis that everyone loves, hates, and oftentimes, lusts after. Summer just got hotter with Generation Pink’s newest golden boy.”

Don’t you just love that golden tan? With the imminent move to Oslo, I totally want this sun-kissed complexion. Time to hit the beach before I fly out and bid the summer (well in Manila) goodbye.

Photos by Erik Liongoren. Thanks Apryl for the copy!

camwhoring in manila

Here’s some major camwhoring post, with photos taken from post-Da Vinci Code nightout; Chinatown’s Ongpin Street, famous for its plethora of restaurants, herbal drugstores and quaint trinket shops; The Orchidarium, a small botanical garden that also features a butterfly pavilion and a rainforest; Paco Park famous for its two circular structures containing tiers of niches that were once used for interment and a favored site for a year-long series of concerts and cultural events; and Fort Santiago, a stone’s throw away from the walled city of Intramuros, famous as a venerable remnant of the Spanish colonial rule and the site where national hero Jose Rizal spent his last days.

the last two weeks at work

Two weeks to go.

Since I submitted my one-month notice two weeks ago, I’ve been pretty laid back at the office. These past two weeks, I have been going to the office just because I need to, not because I have to. I’ve just been monitoring my ongoing promotions and doing some consultancy work for a few brands in need here and there. Other than that, my typical day at work includes a slew of surfing the net, chatting with colleagues who are busy or otherwise, reading fresh copies of complimentary magazines, listening to music, etcetera etcetera.

Today is no different. Got in just right before nine, opened my blog which led me to other blogs, visited a forum site, checked email accounts both personal and work-provided, called travel agencies to look for a cheaper ticket to Oslo, had a meeting cancelled just because it rained heavily two hours before the set time, and took half of the afternoon planning with my colleagues our gimmick itinerary for Friday and Saturday – an ode to my impending departure.

Since the news that I am leaving broke out at the office, my colleagues have been planning activities that would make the most out of my remaining stay in the office and in the country. I am deeply touched with the thought and the eagerness that we, for the few last times, would go out together and enjoy each other’s company. I love these guys! And I am lucky that they love me, too. I think it’s never too easy to find people you’d meld with easily at work, more so friends who would be there for and with you ’til the end. We’d be watching what is probably our last movie-to-see together as a group, Da Vinci Code on Friday night, then a few of us would spend some time along Manila Bay, where the breeze is high and the energy is higher. I’ll be sleeping over at a colleague’s and on Saturday, we’d do a mini-tour of Manila – breakfast in Chinatown’s Ongpin, some culture renewal at the National Museum, a walk at Paco Park, and possibly rent bikes at the Breakwater of Manila Bay.

Two weeks to go. And I am missing them already. This is gonna be hard but I have to be strong.

I have to be strong.

brokeback snake mountain

Came across this BBM parody at the Carver’s House, and boy I had the laugh of the week, beating those endless punchlines delivered by the crazy stand-up comedians of Laffline, a local comedy bar I visited two nights ago.

Enjoy this one! How I wish Heath Ledger had the same costume in the original.

man(ila)-o-mission 3: the sex icon

Meet Polo Ravales.

From an altar boy to a teenstar to the country’s newest sex symbol, 23-year-old Polo Ravales definitely had something on his sleeve when he went on a hiatus for some time. He surprised Manila with a daring comeback – starring in a play titled “Penis Talks”, where he swapped kisses with another straight local actor, and topbilling the latest campaign and collection of local retailer Folded and Hung. When you have the word hung emblazoned on your close-to-naked giant billboards spread all over the metro – you know you’ve gone a long way.

Cover photo credit: Icon Magazine

UPDATE: A big hug and thanks to Ohlala Paris for the shout-out (and the 544 visitors in one day)!!!

happy feet

I never thought I would succumb to this sensation, but here I was, I bought my second pair of Havaianas this afternoon (from Rustan’s Makati) out of impulse, triggered by a growing desire to start collecting. I got the limited edition 2006 Cartunistas “Music Carnival” in yellow featuring these cute cartoon characters playing a bongo and doing capoeira. So very Brazil!

“They do not misshape, they do not smell, and now they feature designs
from the best Brazilian cartoonists that will not leave your feet.
Brazil dips its toe in the underground, epitomized by the country’s
coolest cartoonists. The humor and creativity of Adao Iturrusgarai,
Angeli, Caco Galhardo, Fernando Gonsales and Glauco, have been placed
with care on the new Havainas Cartunistas. There are five exclusive styles
in the following themes: of football, music Carnival, coastline, and Amazonia,
each signed by the designing artist.”
– from
A year ago, you would hear me say that people who buy Havaianas have gone bonkers because who in his right mind would spend P895 on a pair of slippers, when you can get one from the wet market at a hundredth fraction of the price? But that went down the drain when my feet finally sank into the softest soles of the 2006 Style Havaianas in moss+lawn green, which I got from Rustan’s Cebu two weeks ago.

See, my feet are taking me places in search of Havaianas – from Cebu to Makati and who knows, to the land of these babies… Brazil! I sooo want to go to Brazil, by the way, since that blessed country does not require Philippine passport holders to get a visa.

I want to start a collection. I want a pair on every birthday, Christmas, and anniversary.

Hint hint hint.

Update: 1:25 am, 08.May
The photo above was taken using my current phone, Nokia 3230. Not a great good pic, huh? I wonder if the Motorazr V3i takes better pictures. I’m thinking of getting one.

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