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While waiting for some breaking news about my new work/stay permit, which has taken so much longer than expected, lemme just fill the floor with some sweet memories from my last job. Who wouldn’t miss these?

Boys in their fashion’s best.

And boys in their undress.

See you all next week, hopefully with me bearing some good news!


saturday snapshot, coco vika, and the weirdest dinner

Taken in front of Stortinget, or the Norwegian Parliament, where I met Knut for our Saturday walk further down to Aker Brygge, where we checked out the shops and believe me, the shopping center there is so boring. I think you go to Aker Brygge not to shop, but to people gaze from its row of harbour-view restaurants or if you run short of cash, from one of the benches set side by side with granite sculptures with a Movenpick ice cream or a sausage sandwich in hand.

We were looking around for a place to settle down and ended up at Coco Vika, a cafe/bar a stone’s throw away from Aker Brygge. I ordered Chocolate Fondant with coconut ice cream and fruits. The ice cream was so refreshing and it beckons images of a languid holiday in a tropical beach.

I think I had the weirdest dinner tonight. I had a plate of shrimp, bought frozen from a shop and thawed of course, baguette, potato salad, and a Brazilian mango. Told you it was weird.

4 in the morning: the video

I’ll give you everything that I am. I’m handing over everything that I’ve got. ‘Cause I wanna have a really true love. Don’t ever wanna have to go and give you up. Stay up ’til 4 in the morning and the tears are pouring and I wanna make it worth the fight. What have we been doing for all this time? Baby if we’re gonna do it come on do it right.

black and blue and a barbeque

My weekend started with a party last night at Brian’s, the birthday boy. He and Knut prepared a nice and filling four-course menu. There’s seven of us who chipped in for his birthday gift and we got him a cool and compact Panasonic stereo system. I prepared a CD mix of Mika, the Swedish Melodifestival (national heat towards Eurovision), and Eurovision songs. Sooo gay! Good thing Stein had to level it a bit straight with some tracks off his iPod. Anyway, I think I drank the most amount of red wine I’ve had in my life, and no it doesn’t add up to a bottle, but still… I didn’t get so drunk. Well, kinda tipsy to camwhore like this.

So with no hangover to nurse this morning, we went out for barbeque with Keng, Stein, Charles, and three new acquaintances (one gay and two lesbians) at the Medieval Park. We sat near the ruins of St. Mary’s Church, a royal church from the early 1100s to 1542.

The ruins at the Medieval Park. Further beyond is already the Oslo fjord.

We grilled sausages, Knut and I brought some potato salad, too, while I dug in Keng’s bag of shrimp. Love those shrimp! They’re so tasty and juicy.

With one of the lesbians, ooh I’m so bad with names, and Charles.

Anyway, after sitting back, reading Kafka on the Shore and listening to Mika’s album and the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, it’s camwhoring time!
Happy Sunday from Oslo!

the great pair of sunglasses hunt

The days are getting lighter and lighter, with the sun not surrendering to the call of setting until around 8 pm. In the afternoons, people just hang in outdoor cafes sipping their coffees or that last spaghetti noodle strand. While some prefer to cool down and sit languidly against the grass. All in their designer sunglasses. You can spot a Dior from a Tom Ford, a Chanel from a Prada.

So today, Neil and I went to several shops around Karl Johan, the city’s main thoroughfare, and looked for that perfect pair of sunglasses for the much brighter summer days ahead. I fell in love with this S/S 2007 Yves Saint Laurent pair I tried on, only to find out it’s for women. Aaargh! Would it be okay to wear a pair of women’s sunglasses? I mean it didn’t look feminine to and on me. It sat there on my face perfectly and realized that rectangular frame, wrap-around glasses suit me best. There was this Gucci aviators that I had my eyes set on, and recommended to Neil, too. But I think he’s buying it so that leaves me still at a loss for that elusive pair.

Anyway, after that Neil and I hung out at this square right smack in the middle of Karl Johan and just laughed our asses off. Boy, my throat ran dry! I borrowed his Armani glasses, tried them on and took some shots with my crappy phone. Lookie lookie, I have a giant egg for a head! I can’t believe I just used egg and head in one sentence.

Ugh! I need a strong jawline, like Dats’. God I would kill for his jawline. And shhh, I think he’s slowly becoming my new man-crush. The poor guy was just involved in an accident. Get well soon!

By the way, we’re NOT buying the glasses from the shops here in Oslo, since the prices in this part of the world are just way crazy. We’re ordering them from Atelier Ottico where it’s cheaper and which ships to Norway for free.

boys of summer

It’s still a few months before summer embraces Oslo but back in Manila, things have started to get fiery. Ah, I miss the tropical sun, the beaches and pools brimming with glistening, golden bodies, and that summer wind that will definitely blow your tops off. I also miss these “summer specials” in this Sunday noontime variety show called ASAP, set in various summer spots in the Philippines. Basically, it’s an excuse to see those Filipino celebrities in the barest clothing essentials. When you get lucky, they take their tops off, too. Like this one.

The song sounds crazy as hell but the boys are darn cute. They are boys as in BOYS. These guys must be between 17 and 19 years old. Just right for the picking. Hahaha! I am so in love with this one boy in particular named Enchong Dee. He’s the one with the yellowish checkered knee-length shorts dancing at the extreme left of the stage, underwear band tease and all. Just look at how he grinds. Ah, love him love him love him.

If only he could slip out of this suit as well.

the great easter egg hunt

Which of these eggs would you go for?

The Easter egg chocolate I got from work, with the shell made from white chocolate. Apparently, that’s all you get, it’s all air inside. This also apparently costs 500 Norwegian Kroner (= 61 Euros, 82 US Dollars) at a local coffeeshop. My boss has some serious money to give away, not to mention the hefty bonus I got. Woohoo!
The Easter egg I got from Knut, filled with specially-picked chocolates (He had to take away those nasty licorice candies since I despise them so much). With him away and in between watching DVDs from The Holiday to Shortbus to Sex and the City, I assure you half of these chocolates will never see the light of Easter Sunday. The bunny is hopping inside my stomach by now.
Not edible, mouthwatering nonetheless.
Happy Easter, everyone!

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