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wwyd wednesday no. 5

I’m quite the busy bee this week, working five days and going to night classes to perfect my Norwegian. I know I’d be dead tired this week so I booked an aromatherapy massage at Dragonfly, one of the finer spas here in Oslo, this Saturday. The price is very expensive (750 kroner = 65 GBP = 95 Euros = 130 USD), compared to what I could get and more in Sanctuario Spa in Manila. Update on this spa: they’re opening in Quezon City, apparently complete with VIP rooms, woohoo!

Anyway, here’s this week’s edition of WWYD Wednesday. Ah, the sight of fine Filipino men with bronzed bodies brimming with brawn and buns. That’s a lotta B’s! They are part of this year’s Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine’s 69 Bachelors and Centerfolds. I was at the show two years ago and man I had fun, seeing several man-crushes like Victor Basa, Alvin Alfonso, and William Devaughn.

Now on with the show…

Jake. Alfred. Dingdong. Jon. Joem. Fred. Marvin. Luke. Derek.

Who would you do?

Magazine scans courtesy of the fabulous The Manila Gay Guy.


wwyd wednesday no. 4

Ah, it’s been a long time since I last did a WWYD (Who Would You Do) Wednesday on this blog. For those who are not in the loop, WWYD Wednesday presents men in their multifarious forms, shapes and colors, mostly from the streets of Oslo, captured with my superzoom camera.

Having said that, I’m making up by posting nine off-the-street pictures of Norwegian men. I stationed myself at the pedestrianized quay Aker Brygge, with a cup of cafe mocha in one hand, and a click-ready camera in another.

So, Who Would You Do?

Okay, if none of these guys tickle your fancy, maybe you’d rather do the Bearforce1, the world’s first ever all-gay man group made up of bears?

wwyd wednesday no. 3, tandoori thursday

 It’s a day late, yes, but for the lack of anything to post, I’m pushing thru with the third installment of WWYD.I never thought it would be some serious business taking pictures of guys from the streets. It’s hard to concentrate, what with the flurry of people walking by at a given place, at a given time. It’s also critical to choose a strategic spot to take the pictures from. You’d want to be in the busiest intersections to capture multiple options.The first one was taken right outside the Central Station, which made it more difficult to zero in on this guy. And he was definitely in a rush! The second one was taken around Stortorvet, or the Big Square. I had to pretend I was taking a picture of the church in the background, when in fact I was zeroing in on our injured jock.So, WWYD?For dinner tonight, Knut and I prepared Chicken Tandoori.I’m not a big fan of Indian food but this is nirvana on a plate.

wwyd wednesday no. 2

 WWYD Wednesday makes its second installment, and thanks to my lazy ass, I haven’t taken enough off-the-street pictures of Nordic men to share with you. But thanks to the never ending slew of reality shows, the boys of Survivor are back.My interest in the show has fizzled out in the last seven seasons (can you believe it’s their 13th already?!), but with a new twist thrown into the game, my interest is quite piqued again. Tribes are divided by ethnicity and there is a whole mix of beautiful eye candies from Asian, American, and Hispanic blood lines.Here they are, in their states of dress and undress.Brad – Filipino-American, of course he had to be firstYul – KoreanAdam – AmericanOzzy – MexicanJP – Hispanic, I don’t know his nationality.You know the drill, WWYD?

wwyd wednesday no. 1

 I’m back!I missed blogging for many days but those days away from Blogger were time well spent in breathtaking Barcelona and sunny Sitges. In lieu of travel photos I took (and okay, the mohawk pic you all requested, which was as Jay hoped, the fin mohawk and not those green punk do’s), I present the very first WWYD Wednesday, inspired by the beach life of the two cities.WWYD Wednesday, you ask.It’s Who Would You Do Wednesday, where I present men in its multifarious forms, shapes, and colors, mostly from the streets of Oslo, captured with my superzoom camera. Darn that feature really came in handy.Boys of BarcelonaBoys of SitgesSo who would you do?

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