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back to basics

After my playful parlay with some colorful pairs (here and here) and a recent serving of classics (here and here), it’s back to the basics once again in the shoe front. In this time of grey financial climate, we do not necessarily stop spending. We spend wisely. We spend on things whose value or use we see stretched out for longer periods of time. Getting more bang for your buck so to speak. And what could stand the test of time other than the classics?

And thankfully, YOOX is an eager ally for some investment shopping, where past season designer pieces could be had for a fraction of the initial asking price. With a keen eye, you’ll find key wardrobe items here and there that are within your spending reach. Like these two that arrived last Friday, thanks to YOOX’s speedy and secure delivery.


What could they be? Let’s open box no. 1 shall we?






These laced shoes from Prada are so clean in construction that they practically embody the word “classic.” Made with smooth polished leather and rubber soles, this pair also features a square toe and discreet logo detailing on the heel. I like the diamond grid pattern across the soles, giving that unmistakable Prada edge on this rather sombre pair. Now on to box no. 2.






After having bought my first Ferragamo pair, I knew I had to get another one. I swear by the comfort of wearing one and the styles offered by the illustrious Florentine shoe brand are gentlemanly elegant. Such as this laced pair in delicious dark brown color. It has soles made of leather and laser cut perforation detailing on the toe and across the body. I find it very handsome and a perfect candidate for pairing with my future bag (here). Lol.

Both shoes will work on a pair of jeans or work pants, proving that they’re limitless in terms of use. This also means that I will not wear out each pair (in addition to the first Ferragamo moccasins) as quickly as I would by wearing only one pair over and over again. As one of the golden rules for shoe care, never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.

And that’s the day’s Shoe Lessons 101.


the eagle has landed


On schedule as per the usual, this has landed in my office today. Yoox-hoo!

finding florentine

After my two recent Prada purchases and the shocking tax + UPS charges I got billed afterwards, I told myself I would veer away from using YOOX.

But like a moth to a flame, I found myself navigating the men’s pages again last Wednesday night searching for a pair of black shoes. And there, hidden under the Autumn-Winter tab (YOOX shopping is automatically set on Spring-Summer), I found my Florentine, which I recognized from 00o00’s blog.

Like clockwork, the package arrived in my doorstep in timely precision yesterday.






Here’s my  gorgeous Regio loafers from Salvatore Ferragamo in black polished leather with leather soles and Gancini bit detail. It might be from some seasons ago, but is a quintessential classic in my book. Swoon.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

these are a few of my favourite things


Prada and peonies.

When I brought home the YOOX package delivered to my office yesterday, I dropped by the flower market at Stortorvet to pick up some pink peonies. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers in the world. I like how they start as hard balls and bloom into magnificent voluminous flowers. With the same affinity for peonies, I also like Prada. And after waiting for a few days, my new pair of shoes is now finally unboxed!



This pair of Prada moccasins in cacao is constructed with the softest supple deerskin, leather soles with rubber insets at the heel and stitch detailing. The vamp also features braided leather and discreet stamped Prada signature.






I have been looking for a pair of comfortable brown shoes for when I travel and this is just the perfect find. What’s even better is I got it from YOOX at a great price of €138 during the ongoing Sale² and with an additional 5% off by using the promo code green@yoox.

We love peonies. We love YOOX. We love Prada.

prada part deux

June 24, 2007. Prada presents its phantasmagoric Spring Summer 2008 collection in Milan. Fast forward to almost two years later.

June 22, 2009. A package from YOOX by way of Bologna arrives in Oslo, eliciting a teeny weeny silent squeal…



And then gasps of joy, as the checked patterns unfurl from the delicate wrapping.




One of the key pieces of the Prada Spring Summer 2008 mens collection appearing on the runway and in the ad campaign, this 100% cotton short sleeved shirt features a single external pocket and discreet logo printing. The colors are both playful and classic which I love. I also love that I got it on sale from YOOX, where service and shipping are top-notch.

Here’s a quick composition, pairing the shirt with a rolled pair of blue shorts and Gucci leather loafers.


We love Yoox. We love Prada.

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