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my blog is carbon neutral

German based company kaufDA contacted me recently to let me know about their initiative “Make It Green,” which aims to raise awareness about the severe environmental damages caused by carbon dioxide emissions. While there are many factors contributing to these emissions, did you know that a blog with 15,000 visits a month alone has a yearly carbon dioxide emission of 3.6 kg? I don’t know how significant that amount is, but still.

With the Make It Green initiative, I can neutralize the CO2 emission of my blog by showing I care about the environment thru the “My Blog is Carbon Neutral” button you will find on the sidebar. kaufDA, in turn, will be planting a tree in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California on behalf of FRESH MESS. I hope to be able to stand under this tree someday, when it’s tall and mighty!

In a simple equation, one blog = one tree. So the more participating blogs, the more trees will be planted! And since a tree lives for an average of 50 years, carbon dioxide emissions of my blog can be completely neutralised for this time period. How cool is that?

If you want your blog to participate or to learn more about this project, just click here.


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