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i will follow you into the dark

I’m past the 80’s listening, well except for moments of I Touch Myself and 99 Red Balloons, and have been listening to Death Cab for Cutie nowadays. I got first acquainted with the rock quartet from Seattle when I stumbled upon a mention of one of their songs, Marching Bands of Manhattan, in another blogger’s year-end list. After downloading it, I fell in love with it right away! I didn’t get to download and listen to the rest of their songs until three days ago. Here’s another one of my favorites.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Love of mine someday you will die
But I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the dark

No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark
If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no’s on their vacancy signs

If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

In Catholic school as vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black
And I held my toungue as she told me
“Son fear is the heart of love”
So I never went back

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no’s on their vacancy signs

If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

You and me have seen everything to see
From Bangkok to Calgary
And the soles of your shoes are all worn down
The time for sleep is now
It’s nothing to cry about
Cause we’ll hold each other soon
The blackest of rooms

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no’s on their vacancy signs

If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark
Then I’ll follow you into the dark


birthdays and bookings

It is Knut’s birthday today. Since we were not able to celebrate it together as planned, I just sang to him over the phone and wished him the best of everything. The guy’s not too big on birthdays. He celebrated his birthday four days earlier with a dinner + drinks with a few friends. Today, he just went bookshopping for a travel guide to Berlin, since he’s going there on the Easter weekend. No fancy dinner waiting at home, no butt-naked Mark serving it to him, no big night waiting to happen.

Anyways, he is a big Eurovision fan though. So as a present, I sent him a Eurovision coffee table book and a DVD that compiled last year’s performances. He received the DVD yesterday at his mailbox; it’s strange that it didn’t come with the other item when they were dispatched from Amazon UK at the same time. Hmmm, strange…

I have this interesting thing with birthdays of my boyfriends. It always falls on a day when a friend of mine is also celebrating his/her birthday. Like with Knut, he is sharing his birthday with my present colleague Genevieve, who treated us to pasta today. She’s throwing a party this Friday after work, so looking forward to that. With my recent ex, his birthday is the same as one (of three) of my closest friend’s, who would be going to Hong Kong with me the week of Easter. Then my very first boyfriend’s birthday is the same as my college friend’s who is now happily married and settled in North Carolina. Hmmm, strange…

So we are booked for a 4-day stay in Hong Kong two weeks from now and I am really excited about being able to fly away from all the stress here in Manila. This time, we are visiting Disneyland since my two nieces are travelling with us. I know HK Disneyland is not the most magical of them all, but hey, it’s still Disneyland. And besides, I’ve never been to any Disneyland before. So apart from that, it’s the same old banana I am returning to.

Our agent retrieved photo copies of our passports this evening and with a little chat, my desire to open up a travel agency here in Manila was further rectified. The investment is from a quarter to half-a-million, and despite this figure, I am itchy to finally do what I am most interested in. She said I could start small, say with two agents working under me, two system terminals and to just serve tickets and packages, sans the visa assistance. But first I need to do networking with the local IATA people, several travel agents, and to get an Amadeus system to get my agency working. Hmmm, looks promising…

through the pipeline

My first job (well, my second technically since I went for a job in a magazine but didn’t go back after the first day) was with Pipeline Media, an integrated marketing communications agency that specialized in graphic design, content development, and digital media. Looking back, the one year I spent there has to be one of the best years in my still-blossoming professional life. While small in manpower scale, it’s larger than life in the genius, creative, portfolio, and people departments. And everytime I am met with frustrations at the companies I’ve worked with thereafter, I always pine for the times I’ve had in Pipeline.

My bosses Dean and Marc are two of the smartest people I’ve met in my life, and they continue to awe and inspire me. Maureen, who now styles for MTV Philippines after her successful career in a fashion magazine, is the haute couture muse/account manager that we all loved. Carlo, our ultra fun and fabulous copywriter, made coming out at the office a breeze for me (he’s the predecessor gauge). Our designers Dindo, Jolet, Noel, Carl, Bok, Kris 1, and Kris 2, have world-class design sensibilities and were schooled in the best design institutions. The amiable ladies Ajie, Grace, and Butch lent the warmth of friendship and family on a day-to-day basis. These people, together with our brainstorming sessions alongside Upwords tournaments, our client pitching alongside Cranium parties, have all contributed to what I have become today. But as in all good things, Pipeline Media came to an end.

But with such a small integrated marketing circle in Manila, we’ve found a way back to each other. Kestrel IMC, Pipeline-resurrected but with a new office space, crew, and set of clients, is the designer of our soon-to-launch website. Marc has been liasing with us over the last month, and all this time, I’ve been asking where Dean was. Today, I finally got to meet Dean again. Boy, I was overjoyed! I am overjoyed for him, too. He’s launching his latest novel, Salamanca, on April 1 at Fully Booked Greenhills, The Promenade.

I am also proud of another fellow Piper, Carl. His graphic novel, Zsazsa Zaturnnah, which was recently staged as a musical at the Cultural Center of the Philippines will have a re-run this April, due to insistent public demand.

Meet Zsazsa.

“Carlo Vergara’s Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah (The Amazing Adventures of Zsazsa Zaturnnah) is considered by many readers and critics alike as a tour de force among the recent crop of Filipino comic books. Combining irreverent humor, pop culture sensibilities, and nuanced writing, Zsazsa Zaturnnah has been postively received by readers of various age groups and economic backgrounds.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah tells the story of Ada, a cynical resident of a small provincial town, who gains superhuman abilities through a stone that falls from the heavens. With the ability to transform into the voluptuous and powerful Zaturnnah, Ada defends his hometown from dangerous otherworldly threats.

Adding color to this simple tale is the fact that Ada is a homosexual, proprietor of his own quaint beauty salon. Joining him in his extraordinary adventure is his frilly-mouthed assistant Didi and his secret love Dodong. Because of strong language and suggestive imagery, the comic book is strictly for mature readers.”

I missed the initial staging of this muzikal and so it’s a must that I don’t skip this second chance.

Ze Zchedule
April 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 & 30
7:30 pm at the new PETA THEATER CENTER
Sunnyside Drive, Bgy. Kristong Hari, E. Rodriguez Ave, QC

Call Tanghalang Pilipino at 8323661.

i touch myself

While the title of this post suggests of a sexual overflowing thought, I regret to discombobulate you that this entry reeks not of wandering hands, a firm grip, and a flick of a lube bottle cap, but of 80’s music. Yes, that era of sound tripping that we listen to, but hardly pronounce in public.

With nothing to do this lazy weekend, I thought of downloading New Wave songs for my iPod. Not those by David Bowie nor The Cure, but those 80’s tracks that make it to soundtracks of chick flicks – think of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, which incidentally served as my diving board for downloading. Out of all the songs in the soundtrack, I particularly liked The Divinyls’ I Touch Myself.

Of course, other staples that I managed to download include: Head Over Heels, 99 Red/Luft Balloons, Time After Time, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, We Got the Beat, Karma Chameleon, Always Something There to Remind Me, Venus, Don’t You Forget About Me, Wake Me Up Before You Go, True, I Melt With You, and Walking on Sunshine among others.

So what’s the definitive 80’s song? What else should I download? Help help help. I wasn’t able to wallow in too much 80’s music during those hay days since I was what… between 2 and 8 years old? Please post your recommendations in the Comments section and make me and my iPod happy.

I’d owe you some touching. That is if you’d let me. Hahahaha!


Finally, the tensed days seem to finally be over – well, for now. And hopefully for some more weeks to come before we hit May and June for the Mother’s Day/Ladies Month and Father’s Day/Men’s Month events and promotions.

Our team staged a fun+fab fashion show last night at the poolside of Intercontinental Manila. It was attended by an overflowing of well-heeled guests and some of Manila’s most fashionable set. Despite the overcrowding, the free wines, Tequila Roses, and cocktails lasted until the last guest has left. My niece was part of the show, for the Floral Preppy segment, and she did us very proud – strutting her stuff, all five years old of her.

Sadly, Patrick, the guy I mentioned in my first post about the show, was not part of the model roster. Didn’t know what has gone amiss as he is most definitely one of the hottest guys who went to the go-see. Here are some of his pics from the Ideal People Models Management website.

But the male models present were still a bunch of sizzling ones. And when you’re sharing the same breathing space for the pre-show hours, it’s fantastic. It’s things like this that make you forget of the shitty things said and done over the last few tense-filled days. Luckily for me, Einar Ingrebrigsten, that Norwegian-Filipino guy I am lusting over, with those beautiful piercing eyes (I swear I could look into them forever) and deep-set dimples kicking in with every sweet smile (major melt factor), was part of the show. This is him opening last year’s Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash.

Will post fashion show pics as soon as I get a copy from our photographer. They’d be the stuff of my next Man-O-Mission entry.

Until then, have a fun+fab Friday!

please don’t take a picture

Shits so thick you could stir it with a stick…We’re sick of being jerked aroundWear that on your sleeve

It’s been a bad dayPlease don’t take a pictureIt’s been a bad dayPlease…

– Bad Day, REM
Seems like fate is not letting me off its rusty hook just yet. In yet another episode of the continuing saga drama at the office, today’s segment is one of those really ugly ones. It’s one thing to take shit from people face to face. It’s a different story altogether when unfounded allegations and finger-pointings attack you like a fuming fighting bull when you’ve innocently put on a flaming red shirt and got thrown in that arena thirsty for blood.

It’s disheartening. It’s depressing. It’s fucking unfair.

Somehow, for an eternal optimist, you’d find the elusive silver lining amidst a stormy season. Find a better reason why all these things are happening. Maybe, just maybe, this is that wake-up call I’ve been trying to ignore, like that snoozing cellphone alarm every morning only to find out I’d wake up an hour after.

I might be on the lookout for the next job to take, and I am setting my eyes on the hotel or airline industry. Anything to do with travel. If I’d have the money, I’d go put up a travel agency. I want to do something that I want to do. I don’t want to do anymore things that I’m not cut out to do in the first place. I knew that this form of regret would come sooner or later after I took on the management traineeship for events and promos. I used to do events and promos, for the first three months, then decided it’s not for me. Causing the switch to PR. I loved doing publicity and all that media blitz. It’s my turf. Not chasing around uncooperative ugly people, thinking of activities and gimmicks to resuscitate their dying sales and aging merchandise, and getting all stressed and wrinkled along the way. Where’s the fab in that? Huh.

I want want want to do hotel work! With the carpeted halls, the spiffy suits, and the joy of servicing guests. Right. Strike that last one out. It’s all about the carpet and the suits, baby!

I want want want to do airline work! With the unlimited plane tickets, the unlimited plane tickets, the unlimited plane tickets. Okay, and the discounted tickets for family members.

H-E-L-P-! Hotel and airline owners and presidents. Hire me!!! This is a distress call. Save me from my misery, please!

But wait, I do see a silver lining behind the dark grey clouds after all. Good luck on your interview, my darling! This one’s for us.

bloody thursday

It’s a blood-curling Thursday at the office. Cleaning up somebody’s mess and chasing cheques that won’t end up in your own pocket is not funny. It could get frustrating to the point that you want to throw the office chair outside the window or just strangle that modulating-English-deficient feeling-mighty-gay-dude the person on the other end of the line with the phone cord.

Anyway, in a bid to throw my (and three of my colleagues’) cares away, we decided to catch the 7:40 screening of HOSTEL.

Now you see me, next you don’t.
Oh. Fucking. Cow. It was not funny, either. We lived through the hell of the Hostel. It’s a blood bath. Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth are two sick bastards and they are fucking good at it. I almost vomitted twice, I found myself nervously clicking my fingers halfway through to the end of the movie, and cursed and used the name of God in vain in one sentence – multiple times. Oh God I am so sorry.

Too much french-kissing causes drool-pooling lockjaw.
It’s disturbing how the brute nature of man can manifest itself in many a gut-wrenching ways. How those pent-up frustrations and deep-seated anger can make animals out of people. And how people can be bought for a price – like a slab of pulsating crimson meat from the wet market. It also paints a totally new picture of traipsing across Europe on a backpack. Fuck there’s no way I’m passing through Slovakia.

Getting ready for the big one.
*Not for the faint-hearted.

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