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lessons in fashion

These arrived in the mail today.

Lessons In Fashion

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman, The September Issue with Anna Wintour.

The pages and the chapters would have to wait. I’m gonna be late for the Louis Vuitton Jazz Club event tonight.


he works hard for the money

Another weekend has come and gone.

Packed a giant balikbayan box which will soon find itself on a months-long sea voyage to the Philippines. Watched Inglourious Basterds at the Colosseum tonight with friends, ’twas bloody brilliant. Had Indian for dinner.

And tomorrow it’s back to regular programming.

Monogram Macassar Soft Briefcase

Monogram Macassar Soft Briefcase

Remind me again. Can we have longer weekends?

the boy in the striped pajamas


In the midst of watching slasher flicks in the last weeks, I’ve stumbled upon this great movie from 2008, based on a novel of the same name. It’s a gripping tale of a child’s innocence meeting the horrors of war in Nazi Germany.

It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in recent times and I highly recommend it.

27 is a strange number

In the wake of my 27th birthday, I held a birthday celebration last Saturday night in the company of Knut and some of my closest friends. This was the invitation I made and sent out a week earlier.


With great home-made food, pretty party people, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry playing in the background, a disco ball casting colors on the walls, 27 candles on Knut’s homemade birthday cake, and lovely Louis Vuitton gifts and more, it turned out to be one fine night I will never forget. Now on to the party pics.
























From an earlier post, I got to open my gifts from Knut which included a suit set which I wore to the party, a warming fluffy pillow and a rose quartz stone. I also got amazing gifts from my friends. I am loved! Haha! Vanessa and Neil gave me the LV Damier Graphite 6 Keys Holder, which will go well with my Ieoh. It even came with my initials heatstamped in silver, it’s perfect and I LVoe it! Bianca gave me the anniversary edition LV Paris City Guide with slipcase, something I’ve been meaning to get since it came out. Mark gave me an LV gift certificate which came with this cool picture card I want framed.


Yasuko brought a vase of fresh tulips she styled herself, Keng and Stein gifted me with a Mamma Mia DVD, Lady Gaga CD, and a cruise for 4 to Denmark, Neil and Arild boxed a pair of Bjørn Borg boxers, Grace brought a bottle of red wine, Lucien packed a green laptop case, Magda, Joana, Ioana and Christian got me a teapot with flowering teas and Ioana baked a yummy Chocolate with Chili cake. Vanessa also brought her famous and delicious leche flan.


You could tell at the end of the night I was one beaming birthday boy. :p

Thank you guys for coming to my party. It was fun! And turning 27 didn’t feel so strange anymore.

With additional photos by Vanessa.

mancrush: nicolai cleve broch


First spotted in possibly Norway’s biggest film to date Max Manus (2008), Norwegian actor Nicolai Cleve Broch reminded me of Ryan Phillippe specially with his blond locks. He’s a natural brunette but had to bleach his hair for the role as a saboteur in Nazi-occupied Norway during WWII in the true-to-life film.


Then I saw another Norwegian film, Uro (Restless, 2006), tonight and saw him again in his dark do and brooding looks as a police officer who soon finds himself in a web of lies and drug-dosed Oslo.


I heart his prominent nose. I heart his plump lips. I heart his great body (sorry I couldn’t find screenshots of him showering naked in the police quarters). I heart his acting, too.


I heart.


I haven’t been in the mood for blogging lately that I probably haven’t told you:

That Oslo Pride or Skeive Dager happened the last week of June and all activities led up to a Pride Parade, which was followed by a Eurovision-inspired show and competition in the Pride Park. The colorful event also marked a milestone in gay history. Norwegian legislation passed a law that grants gay men and lesbians in Norway the same rights as heterosexuals to marry and to adopt children. This called for dancing and we took our heels to Rockefeller, site of the official Pride Party. The concert venue was transformed into three halls of dancefloors catering to different tunes and spinning DJs, and labyrinths of interspersed light and shade, dance and stance.


That I went to Tusenfryd, an amusement park just right outside Oslo with Neil, Axel and Arild and we had an afternoon of fun in the sun, well, just right before the rain showered us while watching Alejandro Fuentes in concert.

That I finally got to see Sex and the City the Movie and Knut and I had a little New York-inspired early evening prior. We hailed a taxi which took us to a tapas and champagne bar called Champagneria in fashionable Frogner. We had tapas of spiced meatballs, sesame-seared scallops on shallot marmelade, chorizo with estragon-preserved melon and patatas bravas. True to Carrie & Co.’s trademark, we finished the meal with Cosmopolitans.

That I was issued a 6-month multiple entry tourist visa to the UK and that Neil and I are going to London the 4th weekend of August. We’re booked at the fashionable boutique hotel Threadneedles in The City.

That Mamma Mia is probably this year’s feel-good summer movie and that Meryl Streep was just adorable playing the role of an independent, single mother who owns a small hotel on an idyllic Greek island and got the surprise of her life when her soon-to-wed daughter invited three of her former flames in the hopes of finding her real father. It’s sentimental at times, but is ultimately funny. It will probably make you sing a tune or two. And make you wanna go to Greece!

That I got nominated in the 2008 Bloggers Choice Awards for Best Pop Culture Blog, Best Travel Blog and Best Blog of All Time. If you feel you enjoy reading my blog and I deserve a vote or two, please head on over to the BCA website and cast your lovely votes!

extended sex and the city trailer released! spoiler alert!


A wind wafted and whistled that an extended trailer to the Sex and the City the Movie was released today, only to have this trailer yanked down in almost every site citing it, except for the one link triggered by the picture above. Hurry! This may be the last video clip standing.

So from this trailer, we get to know several things: Big’s full name, his wedding to the eternal single gal Carrie Bradshaw, that Carrie prefers a really big closet over a big diamond – apropos Big may have proposed with a Jimmy Choo and a closet ready for occupancy, Charlotte finally getting pregnant – and already with an adopted girl, that Steve may have been too good of a man to be true, that Samantha doesn’t believe in marriage but in botox that works every time, that life doesn’t always turn out to be one’s fantasy, and that’s why one needs friendships that are real to get through it all.


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