the natriot act, nate lowman


Mary-Kate Olsen was in Oslo 23rd of September for the opening of her boyfriend’s very first independent museum exhibition.

Oslo, Norway – The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art has the honour and privilege to be the first museum to present a solo exhibition of works by Nate Lowman (b. 1979). Lowman has, in the course of the last few years, distinguished himself as a significant international artist.

The art of Nate Lowman can best be described as personal narratives based on his reflections about the American art world in particular, and consumer and media society more generally. He is continuously rearranging the visual signifiers he encounters. Gathering raw materials for his art from the news, popular media and art history, he reconditions them through his own reading, thoughts and feelings. Speaking in first person, he invokes real-life stories and offers his own opinion about the people and events within them; fragments from the media and art historical references become equal constructional elements. As all narratives relate to time, notions of time and duration are thus major elements within Lowman’s work. The inclusion of imagery from different periods and contexts in many of his works open up nonlinear sequences of reading, inviting viewers’ to form an individual sense of temporality.

For this exhibition we are including significant early works such as ’The Young and the Restless’ (2004), ‘Peace Love O.J.’ (2005) and ‘Oil Rig Series’ (2005), as well as more recent works like ‘Smiley Face’ (2009) and ‘Act Natural’ (2009). A number of the works have not previously been exhibited. The selection includes sculpture, installations and wall collages.  Curators: Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hanne Beate Ueland and Grete Årbu.

Gonzo, 2009

Gonzo, 2009

Higher Powered, 2005

Higher Powered, 2005

Lump Sum, 2009

Lump Sum, 2009

The Natriot Act runs until 3rd January 2010 at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo.

Artworks photo credit: the artist and Maccarone NYC

Nate & Mary-Kate photo credit: Liam McMullan/ Press/0811032049


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