the poor man’s connoisseur

Here’s a little clever literature I picked up as I left the counter of my favorite coffee shop with a chocolate-infused frappe drink in hand yesterday afternoon.


“Oslo – A poor man’s connoisseur guide to living in one of the most expensive cities in the world” is the first edition in a series of city guides initiated by by:Larm, the biggest music conference in Scandinavia. 

The Poor Man’s Connoisseur is all about enjoying the best things in life. This guide, slightly taller than a Wallpaper City Guide but a whole lot better than your average complimentary multi-fold ad-splattered (advertisements in this guide are designed/illustrated by young designers and artists from Oslo) city guides, writes what’s really great about Oslo in the following categories: accommodation, coffee, food, nightlife, galleries, shopping and activities. There are suggestions that excite the resident out of me and experience Oslo the way the Connoisseur sees it.

One case in point: Tonica Vintage Corner. And I quote, “This is a store the fashion houses of Europe visit to seek out old treasures. It’s a treat for the eyes and soul of an addict just to window shop here – Chanel no. II, Hermes scarves, rugged old Gucci bags, Balenciaga dresses, Vuitton, Dior. Truly one of Oslo’s finest and a must see for visiting fashion lovers. Prices range from expensive to astronomical.” Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly a poor man’s haunt. But as the guide says:

This does not mean the poor man’s connoisseur is parsimonious, he or she is just demanding when it comes to quality. It is always a question of context rather than cost. So, the poor man’s connoisseur will happily spend a month’s salary on one dinner, but consider it money well invested.

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I don’t know where else you could pick your copy of this guide, but I got mine for free from Evita Coffee Shop. And just to make it easier for you dear reader if ever you’re visiting Oslo, I have an extra copy to share. :-)


5 Responses to “the poor man’s connoisseur”

  1. 3 Bagaholicboy June 2, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Maybe? I just being shameless, I love the design and look of the guidebook. Tres chic!

  2. 5 Nikki Lincoln February 27, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Oooo a bit late on teh band wagon here, but I just moved to Oslo and I have the Wallpaper guide but this one looks so lovely. Do you know if its totally out of print by now? Great blog btw.

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