plastic fantastic

It’s so back-to-the-80s.

I was at a Tupperware Party a week ago, where our hostess served waffles, assortments of cheese, fruits and nuts. There was a presentation and demonstration of Tupperware products. I haven’t seen and touched any Tupperware product in a long time, and that moment reminded me my mom’s own collection and how Tupperware had been a part of my life back when I was young in the Philippines.

We would make and refrigerate fruit salad around Christmastime with a Tupperware bowl. We would top our spaghetti with cheese freshly grated with a Tupperware grater. We would store kitchen knick knacks with Tupperware containers in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We would drink from Tupperware glasses during picnics and family outings. My mom would pack school lunches with Tupperware, too. Ah, I remember one unlucky Tupperware meltdown. Literally. We put a non microwave-safe container in the microwave and it melted right before our eyes. Those were the days.

Suddenly, Tupperware is back in my life. And they’re greater, smarter, and more colorful than ever! I ordered these at the party and got home delivery. From top to bottom: Happy Chopper – a fantastic ergonomic solution for chopping onions, herbs, garlic, ham and nuts. It’s so easy to use, just twist the bowl and the cover back and forth with both hands and voila! No tears. No smelling fingers. Only chopped bits of whatever. CrystalPlus Lunch Box – a reheatable food container which can be used straight from the freezer to the microwave oven. Mini-Max – an accordion-type container which can be flattened for storage and expanded according to capacity need. And a silicone baking mat that keeps the oven clean (hate it when pizza cheese drips and gets burned at the bottom), whlie providing a non-stick baking/heating surface for food.

Love ’em!


3 Responses to “plastic fantastic”

  1. 1 rOckY June 26, 2008 at 3:06 am

    OMG – I love Tupperware! Rubbermaid is pretty respectable too, but still, nothing replaces the original classic.

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