it’s my f**kin’ lucky day!

I went out tonight with two Filipino friends – Neil and Mark – and on our way from Ett Glass where we had a few drinks to Elsker, one of Oslo’s gay clubs, we dropped by Hotel Bristol to pee. No waiting in line, and cleaner toilets with proper overhead lighting. So why not, right?

Descending from the ground floor to one floor below where the toilets are, Neil and I were discussing about where the Norwegian Idol contestants were billeted during the run of the show. I said, “Oh, right here.” At the drop of the word “here,” my eyes met a familiar figure standing at the base of the stairs. And I couldn’t help but say “Oh…. My…. God (with God sounding more like a squeal).”

It was f**kin’ Alejandro Fuentes.

There he was wearing a jacket, a white shirt and a black scarf wrapped around his neck, busy listening to music from his Sony Ericsson phone while idly standing right on that spot. I was so astounded to stop and break his moment, so Neil, Mark and I just dashed towards the toilet. I still couldn’t conceal my excitement and so Neil decided that he’ll go to him and ask if we could have our pictures taken. Like the nice guy that he was when I first met him at Strømmen Storsenter three Saturdays ago, he obliged with a smile. Neil and Mark first went a go at it.

Then I came up to him, beamed a huge smile, stood to his right, and said, “Hey, I saw you in Strømmen.” Unexpectedly, he replied sounding as excited as I was and said, “Yes! You! You’re the guy who loved the Kowalski (his shoes)! Hva heter du igjen (What’s your name again)? as he extended his right hand to shake mine. “Mark.” “Hi,” he said. Then I told him that I saw him perform in tonight’s Idol and he asked how he was. I said, “You’re good. As always.” Click.

Then he asked us “What’s up with you guys tonight?” to which I replied “Just out, partying.” “That’s nice,” he said. Damn I should have invited him out, pushed my luck a little bit. Aaaaaaargh! Then we just bid goodbyes and the three of us went back to the toilets, where I called Knut from to tell about my second encounter with Ali.

Damn, it’s my lucky day! See, it pays to compliment one man of his shoes.

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3 Responses to “it’s my f**kin’ lucky day!”

  1. 1 RennyBA October 27, 2007 at 12:03 pm

    Lucky you and just for giving shoes compliments LoL

    You both looks nice in the picture and of course I’ve seen the guy on TV too :-)

    Wishing you and Knut and your blogger friends (some of them I knwo?) a great weekend!

    Btw: Your welcome over to a Halloween Party in Oslo later on tonight :-)

  2. 2 Mark October 27, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    I look like a mess in that pic, Renny! Ugh! But thanks. :) Wishing you a happy weekend, too, and a nice Halloween party tonight!

  3. 3 Zhu October 29, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    It’s always like that when you bump into someone you admire… at worst, you can make a fool of yourself, at best, you just don’t say anything too smart ;-)

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