wwyd wednesday no. 4

Ah, it’s been a long time since I last did a WWYD (Who Would You Do) Wednesday on this blog. For those who are not in the loop, WWYD Wednesday presents men in their multifarious forms, shapes and colors, mostly from the streets of Oslo, captured with my superzoom camera.

Having said that, I’m making up by posting nine off-the-street pictures of Norwegian men. I stationed myself at the pedestrianized quay Aker Brygge, with a cup of cafe mocha in one hand, and a click-ready camera in another.

So, Who Would You Do?

Okay, if none of these guys tickle your fancy, maybe you’d rather do the Bearforce1, the world’s first ever all-gay man group made up of bears?


1 Response to “wwyd wednesday no. 4”

  1. 1 freshmess September 15, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    Just migrating the comments from my Blogger blog – Mark

    Tricia: among these guys….i choose…the guy on the right (first pic) and the guy in the second to the last pic…hey…can i do this also in my blog? haha

    Martini Addict: The first pic… with the guy in a red shirt and guy with a green cap! both of them… yes, im that greedy!

    Chase: I choose second to the last guy. The one holding a cellphone.

    Ernesto: I chose the guy in red polo shirt… =::

    Kevin: Definitely the guy in the second to last pic dressed in black and white. Closely followed by the guy in the red shirt…but i’d probably do all of them lol! Great idea for Wednesdays, i hope to see more Hot Norwegian guys next week!

    Pepe M: first and second guy on the second row at lahat sa third row…yummy!
    wish i had a better zoom para magaya ko to sa india!

    Ash Angelo: Goddamn… i wanna move to Oslo too! And I know I’ve said this lots of time before!

    Daniel: i know it’s greedy, but i choose ALL. hahahaha

    Savante: Could I take the last three home with me?

    DazedBlu: i choose all the first guy from each of those rows..

    Teekay: forget abt the pix. i dont mind doing u, mark. heheeh.

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