ka-ching ka-ching!

 Finally, I got my very first salary in Norway! Which is given only once every month, unlike in Manila and probably in other world cities where the monthly pay is split and given in two paydates. I think it is much harder to manage a salary that’s given in full at one time since you tend to spend most of it in the first weeks thereafter and just stretch what’s left in the days leading to the next payday.And I need to exert more effort stretching what I received for the 10 days I worked. I got taxed 50% this time since I don’t have the tax card yet, which I hope would be in my hands for the next payroll. Otherwise, I’d get taxed another 50% and only be able to get back what I paid for in excess compared to what I should actually pay in taxes for the salary I am getting sometime June next year.What’s worse, I don’t have the debit card from my bank yet. So I wouldn’t be able to spend my money, swipe that card and purchase stuff I need anytime soon. Eeeek!So what’s on my shopping list? Well, I only plan to buy a winter jacket and a pair of winter shoes. The weather forecast for the next weeks scares me! There’s gonna be some snow, it said. But hey, I am looking forward to that, too! It’s gonna be my first snowfall ever!So what have I been doing the last few days? Knut left for and got back from London for business over the weekend and I got some nice sweaters from Zara and Lazy Oaf. I had dinner and a few drinks with my colleagues at a nice restaurant last Friday. Saturday I just spent watching Absolutely Fabulous. I love Patsy and Edina! I lose my sanity over Bubbles, too! Sunday was pretty relaxing, which was spent most of the day at home, capped with a dinner in an Indian restaurant with Keng and Stein and some downtime at their place.It’s my day-off at work tomorrow and I plan to get a haircut. My hair looks like a giant microphone in the morning.


1 Response to “ka-ching ka-ching!”

  1. 1 Noel November 15, 2006 at 7:06 am

    hey mark! (or as I know you: joseph) hehe.

    You are in Norway!! How cool. Make me kwento naman. looks like you’ve been quite the traveler. What’s your chat ID?

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