indian dinner, nordic rain, italian ball, british show

Today was quite a multi-cultural day.

With Stein turning 31, we went to an Indian restaurant called Curries. I don’t think I’ve had Indian before but what I had – Chicken Tikka, so that’s chicken marinated in saffron and ginger – was a good meal. I could return to that restaurant and try other dishes off the menu. So there I met three new guys, two of which was a couple – Norwegians Oystein and Frank and Taiwanese Lukk.

Afterwards, I had my first Nordic rain and it added a level of chill to the already cold night, for today was cooler than the last five days. They said this is the typical rain in Norway – just the right downpour that doesn’t leave you drenched to the soles of your socks. I like.

We ran across to our apartment block since Knut and I hosted the screening of the World Cup finals over some mocha cake, coffee, and beer. So Italy won – I couldn’t care less. I’ve only seen one football match prior to this – that one with Kaka scoring the only goal for the game. Congratulations to Team Italy, though. It was a well-deserved win after that penalty shoot-out.

Now I’ll get a little piece of United Kingdom with Little Britain. No matter how stinky, smelly, and gross the characters portrayed by creators Matt Lucas and David Walliams are, I love this show. It’s driving me crazy!

So yeah, I’m embracing a multitude of cultures here in Oslo.


1 Response to “indian dinner, nordic rain, italian ball, british show”

  1. 1 charles ravndal July 12, 2006 at 12:30 pm

    Hello Mark! I sooo love Little Britain. So funny! And also it is true that Oslo is more multicultural (and in an alarming rate as the state says) than in Bergen.

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