Sorry for the lack of entries of late, I have zero energy to write and have nothing interesting to write about. Unless political turmoil and countries being put on a national emergency state interest you. But that’s what CNN, BBC, and your local channel covering our part of the world are for.

So while the government is doing a Mopping Operations and the Marines are conducting their own Operation: Explain-the-sudden-graceful-exit-slash-resignation-of-our-Chief, my other gay colleague and I have launched our own tactical task force which aims to finally liberate our straight guy colleague from the constrictive confines of his so-called straight life – Operation: Ate (Sister, in English). It’s so funny how we always try to have him come out, fuzzing over the littlest ways and things he does and says, and tagging it to something gay. From the gay lingo he uses, or has come to adopt because we (gays and girls alike) casually gay-talk in the office, to the way he adores (yes, adores and praises you for it) our lady colleague’s latest footwear acquisition. And oh, he once “accidentally” got in a gaybar, and admittedly awkwardly liked it. Like, hello? You’re a flip of a finger away from sisterhood, ate! Thankfully, we haven’t got punched in the face yet, after all the daily torture metamorphosis we put him through.

Finally got the massage I’ve been longing to get last Saturday and it was amazing! Enough said.

It’s one of my colleague’s birthday yesterday and she treated us today to a supposedly traditional Chinese chicken dish – Sincerity Chicken. Anyone else heard of it? It’s your familiar fried chicken, but from the way it tastes, it must have been dipped or marinated in some sweet sauce before frying. Strange name for a chicken, huh? And I’m sincere about that.

Same colleague is in emotional wreck as of this typing. Just got a text message from her, in fact. She’s moving to a different division, going to brand-assist Clinique, and she’s feeling bad about her move. She’s been worrying about how to tell our boss that she’d eventually – like in two days, three tops – transfer, since it’s the same boss who picked her out and groomed her to intern in our company two years ago. Also, her emotional attachment to the group is so rooted that I think, makes things harder for her. So she was able to finally say it, after being asked abruptly by our boss this evening. Boss, of course, was totally disappointed and being an emotional ride that it has been for my colleague, the coaster has yet to halt. She needed to talk to me later. Sure, I said. Hey, you are twenty-freakin-two so don’t worry about these things. Sooner or later, people at the office would fall out. Just happened that yours came sooner than everyone else’s. Stay pretty and perky!

Hello to my random and loyal visitors from Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Norway, France, Singapore, Germany, Greece, Belgium, and of course, my fellas from the Philippines! Thanks for dropping by.

And here are some random pics from the latest issue of ICON Magazine.


6 Responses to “random”

  1. 1 Shigeki February 27, 2006 at 5:48 pm

    OH WOW, I am loving him so much. I love every part of him. I wanna cry for the joy. They are the abs I want for summer!

    Stay safe, alright? It doesn’t loook pleasant from what I saaw and read….

    Have a fantabulous week regardless of that political mind-numbing incident.

  2. 2 Mr. Brian February 27, 2006 at 9:44 pm

    and who is this dish of a cover model?

  3. 3 Chas Ravndal February 27, 2006 at 11:47 pm

    the model looks cute and hmmmmmm love to touch those chests

  4. 4 Jay February 28, 2006 at 12:48 am

    I had all these amazingly insightful thoughts about political turmoils and states of emergency and then I saw that cover model… -whistles-

    Sorry, not enough blood for both heads.

  5. 5 ash February 28, 2006 at 7:57 am

    hahahah… quite a nice thing to do mark. torture him to the end of the world. be as eviiillll as Jay. ;) i like naughty boys. anyways, be safe over there alright? i read its getting a little crazy there. and omg, i want those abs!!!

  6. 6 Mark February 28, 2006 at 7:53 pm

    Hello Shigeki, I love it when you comment like that. I imagine you all gleeful and your eyes sparkling. He’s not your Charlie, but he’s a fine adonis with those abs to boot!

    Hello Mr. Brian! Meet Mr. Andrew Wolff. Stats in next entry. Could you believe he’s only freakin’ 20 years old? They must grow ’em big over in London! He’s from there, btw.

    Hey Chas! I would be touching more than just his chest if given the chance. This guy’s on fire!

    Hey Jay! He’s raised in London, with a British dad, so who knows, you might bump into him one day! Then you’ll keep your blood rushing and boiling.

    Hey Ash! We love doing it too, though it seems he doesn’t get tortured and traumatized with all our poking and teasing. He’s actually enjoying it. Hmmm…

    Have a safe your-part-of-the-world, everyone! We’re doing just fine over here.

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