i’ll be anticipating

I finally made that phone call, at today’s designated time, to the Embassy where I filed a visa application a little over three months ago. Last night, thoughts of this ran through my head and left me a few hours awake than the usual bedtime. With well wishes sent from halfway around the world and luck tucked in every living, breathing pore of me, I settled down at two pm and rang the designated number to call.

I was all jittery while waiting for an open line to pick up and had all photocopies of the documents I submitted laid out in front of me. Ring ring. All lines are currently engaged at the moment. Press 1 to keep waiting. Press 2 to hang up. 1. Fingers tapping on the desk. Press 1 to keep waiting. Press 2 to hang up. 1. Eyes scanning over documents. Press 1 to keep waitiing. Press 2 to hang up. 1. This is getting pretty annoying. Press 1 to keep waiting. Press 2 to hang up. 1. “Visa Section, hello.” Breath sucked in. Finally! (Good thing my voice didn’t crack up when I finally talked to the visa officer)

So here’s the real deal. After three months of anxious anticipating, and many a number-1-punching on the telephone, the visa officer told me that no decision has been made yet by the authorities in the country I’m planning to go and that I should wait for a mail notification from the Embassy. That’s it? I thought. No questions whatsoever?! No word whatsoever?! Oh well… This application isn’t just gonna let me off the hook this soon. Come January, I can make another phone-call follow-up. Anyday. Anytime.

Until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed.


1 Response to “i’ll be anticipating”

  1. 1 Moja December 8, 2005 at 8:04 am

    Hello Mark! I hope matuloy ka. grabe. travel na lang ng travel. So, did you see ish? how is she?

    I made a photoblog for now. Hope to see you this Christmas season!



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