la la long weekend

Once one escapes college and starts working, gone are the long seasonal vacations that come by during semestral breaks, Christmas holidays, and sizzling summer months. And worse, working in Manila does not afford the hardworking employee leisurely long breaks from the mundane, clockwork confines of his job. Call it corporate milking at maximum. Thank the heavens for our incumbent president, she likes moving holiday dates that fall mid-week to either Friday or Monday, so Saturday and Sunday breaks are stretched to three-day offs.

This time around, I will enjoy not three days off work, but five (plus three, for the next weekend)! October 31 and November 1 were declared holidays in remembrance of the dead. I was able to offset my overtime working hours on November 2 for yet another day of rest and relaxation. It sucks though that I have to work on Thursday, before another 3-day weekend comes by, thanks to the Ramadan celebration (or the end of it, I don’t really know).

Now this rare break calls for an escapade into the local world-class beach or a quick sojourn in a neighboring country hotspot destination. Well, too bad I would have to save up for my quasi-week holiday in Hong Kong 11 days from now. While my colleagues are in Boracay, Singapore, and Shanghai during this long break, I would just have to make do with a weekend at the mall and DVD marathons in my room. Not bad at all. Besides, it’s time to catch up with sleep and look my freshest and finest for HK and KM.

Later! I’m off to see the three best gals in the world for a movie and dinner. I hope we find something better than Legend of Zorro, Doom, and Lava Girl-something. Otherwise, it’s a terrible weekend for the movies. Eek!


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