be my amazon godmother

Christmas is only a few calendar leaves away, and it’s just so in-the-mood to wish for gifts I want this year.

Enter my Amazon’s Wish List, a treasure trove of the fancy shmancy things my materialistic, travel-thirsty, and TV-series-junkie soul desires. From an array of Gucci, Rayban and D&G eyewear to complete sets of Sex and the City and Queer As Folk dvds. From a measly yearly subscription to Time Magazine to an eye-popping Eyewitness Europe travel guide. And oh, don’t forget the 4GB black Ipod Nano I squeezed in there! Just in case, y’know. Haha!

Well, okay, so this entry is just a filler for this non-thinking blogging mode I am currently in. God, nothing interesting is happening in my life now! Well, except for that trip I am taking 12 days from now. Woohoo! Note to self: check Lane Crawford for Kowalskis on sale.

So going back to Amazon, I plan to order a Cranium Turbo Edition and the hilarious “Letters from a Nut” book set, as Christmas gifts to myself. This time, I would get to save on the shipping charges since my colleague has generously offered that her sister in New York, who’s coming back to Manila in December, receive and bring the goods here. Ah, sweet, sweet savings!

So if you want to be my Amazon godmother this Christmas, do take a look at my Wish List and keep those gifts the love coming in!

On a side note:
While continental US has salivated over and my bestfriend has seen it on the local MTV channel, I have yet to watch in awe Madonna’s Hung Up video. I haven’t tuned in to MTV in the past years, so now is the time to do so again. For any local schedules that you might know (of the program where the video will be shown, or any program feature on Madonna and her newest album), please leave a note in the Comments section. Muchas gracias!


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