so beautiful

It was a slow Saturday today; spent an hour in the hotel pool before checking out at twelve. Checked out the sale at Rustan’s but picked up nothing. This black shirt (with thin yellow stripe accents in the collar and sleeves) from 4You was rather nice though, I just found the sleeves a tad too short for me. Then bam! I saw Uma from the local franchise of Big Brother wearing the same shirt in one of the live videostreams shown earlier tonight.

Anyway, was doing some random bloghopping and I found this – the most beautiful surprise of the week.

You see, other than Madonna, the only artist I would buy front-row concert seats of is Darren Hayes. My adoration and respect for Darren as an artist is way beyond words. I adore his talent, his words, his hauntingly beautiful voice. From his “I Want You” calisthenics to the melancholic “Dublin Sky” off his most recent album, Darren just keeps on writing beautiful music.

The single So Beautiful is from Savage Garden’s forthcoming greatest hits compilation “Truly Madly Completely.” The single is already at radio in Australia, Asia, the U.K. with plans for release in the U.S. and Japan in January 2006, mentions It also reports that Darren’s third solo album will be released early 2006.

More news on Truly Madly Completely, due for release on November 1 in Japan, November 7 in Australia, and early 2006 in the US, at I think I wet my pants when I saw the track listing! Not to mention the two brand new songs written by Darren.

Send Darren your love. Trash the pirates and buy only original CDs of Truly Madly Completely from your favorite music bars.

Then life would be so much beautiful.


1 Response to “so beautiful”

  1. 1 Shigeki October 15, 2005 at 5:28 pm

    Wow, it’s been awhile since I saw him last. He deiniftely got this “ga-ga” quality in him. :-) I don’t particulary like his voice but it’s intoxicating… very magical….

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