ah… weekend comes!

I haven’t been blogging and blabbing for the last few days since I was swamped with too much work and had nothing really exciting to tell.

So Shigeki was right and I was a silly cow about that guessing part. The destination shown in the previous post is in Portugal. I sooo deserve a trip to Portugal after all the work I have put in in the ongoing Portuguese Festival in Manila. We, that’d be Rustan’s and the Portuguese Embassy, kicked the festival off with various press events, which I am heavily responsible for. The last two weeks have been a Katrina of coordinating, writing articles, making phone calls to media groups, and making the hell sure they come. Now this is not some easy task, unlike what one of my highschool friends who I saw recently in a mini-reunion thought. When she asked about my work and learned that I am doing PR, she bluntly said ‘yun lang?‘ (that’s all you do?). Well yeah, that’s what I do. I am happy. I don’t work on Saturdays. I get paid. The end.

Well anyway, so I want to go to Portugal, and hopefully sometime in the next three years. I met one fine Portuguese business executive who is actually a third-generation member of the owners of
Silampos (a leading kitchenware brand in Portugal who pioneered the production of pressure cookers). He said that I am welcome anytime to meet up with him should I find myself in Portugal. Well, I’ll see you then, Bernardo! And it was really nice meeting you.

Among other things, Portugal is famous for its bacalao (codfish) cooked in 365 days, egg tarts, Fado, long coastlines with beautiful beaches, world-class golfing, frontier castles, Magellan, Fatima and her Lady, and of course, Lisbon, the beating capital of this country, situated on the right hand bank of the river Tagus.

So Ambassador, give me a round-trip ticket! And have you got a visa to spare? :) That would make me very (h)appy! Haha!

So a weekend coming up, got nothing planned except the well-deserved visit at the local spa to purge my (mental and physical) toxins with an aromatherapy massage and some quiet downtime in the sauna. Ah, sweetness!

Hopefully, after two weeks now, I would get to see my bestfriend Ish, who just came back from a romance sojourn in China. Welcome home, again! Now that the madness at my work is over, let’s catch up and see each other already, damnit! Hahaha! Miss you much! :)

Have a great weekend ahead, you guys!


1 Response to “ah… weekend comes!”

  1. 1 Shigeki October 6, 2005 at 5:13 pm

    Okay, that’s so great for you and I am envious because my weekend hasn’t started at all…. damn it. :)

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