and the race continues

… but not around the world this time, apparently.

What. A. Drag.

Okay, so I went a-hopping and a-gliding just to catch the primetime premiere of the 8th installment of The Amazing Race at a local cable channel (Thank God for AXN!).

Only to have my skyrocketing excitement and long-held anticipation go pffffffft like a burst bubble when the 10 competing families did not fly out of America! And it looks like they would be stuck in the land of Uncle Sam for the rest of the race.

Not that I have something against America.

I feel it would get a tad boring not seeing exotic landscapes and the most exciting playgrounds of the world. It is like rolling The Apprentice and the Simple Life in one time-bound relay, since the destination options in America are either the big city or the quaint countryside. Or the neverending fields where cottons are high. Or yada yada yada. Okay, I have never been to America but I just feel that this would be just it. Well, I hope otherwise.

I love The Amazing Race and this is the TV show to beat! Things did get a little interesting with the Family Edition and it is really such a riot. Family life, that is. Haha!

This early, I have listed down hates and loves.

Hate 1: The whatever-their-family-name-is sisters. Yeah, those girls with the cliche all-pink outfits. They are so damn noisy! They are like these little rodents gnawing their way into your ears or a million nails being hammered into your brain.

Hate 2: The Pablo boys. Oh. my. god. I cannot even call my dad retarded, yet one of them just did. On the first ep! Gasp! I think they would grow up to be wife-beaters or serial killers. They have so much angst inside them. Well maybe they just need some lovin, you know. Wink.

Hate 3: The Linz family. They have got the best brawns yet they suck! I thought they would be the team to beat. Well, it is indeed too early to tell, but I do hope they do not clock second to the last (or the last) again next time. You gotta love those boys. Haha!

Now the loves…

Love 1: The Weaver boy. He is keeping it together for his mom and sisters. And did I mention I love his platinum locks? Hmmm. Now I really should get one. Evil grin.

Love 2: The Gaghan kids. The girl loves nailing down tents. And she sure could carry stuff around. At least she is not some useless drama queen. And the boy! I thought he would be the most quiet one in the competition, but look at him singing in the buggy ride. He sure knows how to rub in that YOU ARE LOSING TO KIDS!!! Does he look like Arnold of Hey, Arnold? Or is it just me?

Love 3: The Pablo mom. God bless her for tolerating her kids. And God shower her the heaven when she finally unleashes her fury to her pesky pesky boys!

Well, the others seemed like fleeting images for now. I am looking forward to seeing the best and definitely the WORST in these families.

The Amazing Race airs primetime every Wednesday at 8 pm, Manila (+8 GMT) time at AXN.


3 Responses to “and the race continues”

  1. 1 Shigeki September 29, 2005 at 5:34 pm

    ahhh.. I so want to watch that but then, I don’t own a TV in my apartment. (T_T) I hope you enjoy the show! yey!

  2. 2 Moja September 30, 2005 at 6:52 am

    Hey I am watching Amazing Race Family edition. Haha. I agree, I hate those sisters in pink. They are really noisy but they suck. Haha. =)

    I hope the Gaghans will win the race. =)

  3. 3 Mark September 30, 2005 at 4:10 pm

    That’s just too bad. But don’t worry, this blog will update you on the Amazing Race. Don’t you just want to join this game? I know I do. Haha!

    They’re like little girls giddy and all. They need to bring it down. I like the Gaghans, too! Those kids are darn cute. :)

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