Back on Track
I am back! Thankfully, my laptop’s up and running again. Apparently, after around three years of use and misuse, my hard drive has given up being my reliable bin for work, love, and the-thing-we-all-do-but-hardly-speak-of files. It, too, has been the depository of snapshots of all my travels and random captures from everyday life.

Though I may not have been able to back-up all the files in my measly 20GB harddrive (who would know when your computer bows out on you? oh well, that’s the point of backing things up), I am still glad that I have my digital life back! And I have so much space to fill in. Oi! My cousin’s husband, who (plug ahead) owns Cooltoyz located at Ash Creek, Greenhills and expertly brought my laptop back to life, told me that I should just use half of my available disk space at maximum. Now, I know the way to longer lasting laptop-life.

Rock Tracks
Oh my, MiG Ayesa is in the final three of Rockstar: INXS and his fate (fronting INXS who’s rising from the ashes after their lead singer’s scandalous death) would be known next week. Sweet Suzie McNeil gave a really good fight, what with her strong vocals and amiable personality, but bye bye for you now… Of the three contestants left, I am fine with either MiG or JD fronting the band and taking them to (as Marty said) “a new level.” MiG gets my vote not only because he has Pinoy roots (call it patriot-patronizing if you must) but I also find him more apt for the sound of the band. He just needs to lose the somewhat stiff and rehearsed moves, and keep losing the jacket. Haha! JD could have my swing vote simply because he is stunning with hard-edged creativity and pure talent. He scored it big with INXS and the audience with his original “Pretty Vegas.” He’s got some cockiness though, but shouldn’t rockstars be cock-gods? Well, I can’t wait to see the finale next Wednesday night! At least the final salvo has only the best talents around, unlike American Idol which pales in comparison.

What viewing pleasure! courtesy of rockstar:inxs

God it feels good to be back!


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