farewells, fanatics, and fashion

no goodbyes, only love

Tonight was a night of mixed emotions. It was a night of merriment that I wished had never ended. It was also a night of sad so-longs tinged with heartfelt well-wishes for a very dear friend who is set to take on the world.

Tomorrow, my best friend Ish, is flying to China to follow what her heart desires and be with the man she dearly loves. Although we would never know what’s waiting for her in the next bend and it saddens all of us to see her go, we sent her off with our warmest wishes, our lingering smiles, and a round of mango daquiri to celebrate what was and what will come embracing her when she lands in her whole new world.

I will miss you, Ish! See you soon!

Cheers for China! Moja, Ishbel, Me, Bel and Cres

Best friends for life.

the BIG BROTHER beckons

For two weeks now, I have been following the lives of 12 housemates in the Philippine franchise of global reality TV phenomenon Big Brother. My friends are talking about it. We are talking about it over lunch at the office. I think it’s the proverbial Peeping Tom in every one of us that keeps us glued for 30 minutes primetime and sometimes, even for an extra 30 minutes of insatiable voyeur time in the ungodly hour of 1:30 a.m.

That’s why it was so surreal when, after having dinner with friends in Timpla (ingenious use of longganisa, eh?) at ABS-CBN’s ELJ Building, we stepped out right in front of the Pinoy Big Brother House. I almost went scampering towards the house gate when we saw some people seated in the garage area, thinking those were the housemates. Apparently, they were part of the production crew and not some housemate who’s on his or her way to national celebrity status. The Pinoy Big Brother House was actually smaller than it seemed on television. It actually looks just like any house in any city residential block. But still, the feeling of awe came unto me. So what do you do when such feeling grips you? Take pictures, of course!

fashion over comfort

After wrapping up our two-day fashion shoot for our little Holiday PR campaign, I splurged a little today. I bought this spanking jacket from 4YOU, a Danish label available at Rustan’s. It had a thick quasi-thermal lining which makes it look bulky than your average sweater or rain jacket, and thus not so ideal for wear in tropical Philippines. Nonetheless, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, with its dark chocolate body and red-yellow-white stripe accents. I am sure I could use this later on, in a place where the temperature drops to below zero and where buying this certain jacket would have cost me an arm, a leg, and maybe an ear, too. Just the same, I would love to wear this very soon, so heaven, please rain on my parade! Oh, wait. Isn’t that thunder I am hearing? Ahh, luscious!


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