and the journey begins

“With a little trip to the Embassy, this drizzly Friday morning marked the beginning of that life-long dive…

One of the reasons I started blogging, “Braving the Beyond” then, was to chronicle this point in my life where “I am ready to make a high-dive and risk limbs and heart for a future that may either make or break me and mark milestones or mishaps.”

With a little trip to the Embassy, this drizzly Friday morning marked the beginning of that life-long dive. Looking out the taxi window at the pouring rain, while stuck in the middle of Makati’s maze, I began to ponder: could the rain be the tears of those I would leave behind (and of those who would never know what I am set to do) or could this be heaven pouring its grace, like what any well-wisher would do and say to one set on a voyage?

The Embassy was the same pleasantly packed (30 or so people) venue as it was when I visited it the first time last May for the application papers. Those four walls cradled all the dreams and hopes of those people there, me included. Some are in pursuit of a better career, a bout with the high seas (read: seamen), a furthering of one’s travel exploits, or a reunification with friends and family (or soon-to-be-family, at that).

The entire submission process took me only close to an hour, a farcry from the horror stories I hear about submission in say, the US Embassy or in the China Embassy (like my bestfriend’s experience a day before). Which leads me to wonder why so many people choose to fly to the (predictable) US of A, when there are lots of other places to go to and beat the odds. Say, Europe. That is one fabulous continent to explore and contend with. Anyway… The officer who processed my papers was kinda bitchy at first, but soon warmed up to me later in the process. It will take 6 to 8 months to process my application, and so after letting go of my 6,000-peso application fee, I only wait and wish for the best…

Packaged goods

After attending my boss’ surprise birthday party at the Enterprise (at a work-hour, happily), I trooped to the Post Office in Manila to pick up a package from halfway-around-the-world. Thank you, love, for the spanking new wallet and Ms. Aguilera’s CD. Dirrty! :)


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